My internship at Spotted by Locals

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I’m Andrei, a former social media management intern for Spotted by Locals.

Originally from Bacău, Romania, I’ve been living abroad since finishing high school back in 2008. So far, I’ve lived in Canterbury, London, Malta and Copenhagen. I am a tourism management graduate currently finishing a tourism master’s in Copenhagen. Also, I am a passionate outdoor enthusiast and have been so ever since an early age. During the years, I’ve accumulated a reasonable amount of outdoor experience whilst practicing my favourite activities (trekking, climbing and mountaineering) in various mountain ranges (mostly in or around Europe).

Why did I choose to to do my internship at Spotted by Locals?

Spotted by Locals is a project I really like and it ties in well with my interests. However big my love for the outdoors is, I still enjoy being a big city dweller. Travelling, listening to good music, photography, swimming, hanging out in bars and cafes and cycling are some of my main interests. I really like exploring the ‘hidden’ side of the places I go to or live in and getting a feel for the local culture and people rather than embarking straight away on the ‘touristy’ trail of ‘must-see’ attractions and monuments.

At the time I started my internship I was just embarking on the second year of my tourism master’s degree at Aalborg University Copenhagen. I was given the option to register for a course or to do a 3 month full time internship in a organisation related to my study field. Naturally, getting some hands-on experience seemed like the way to go. When Lenka, a colleague from university, said that Spotted By Locals are looking for interns, I decided I should apply. Other key factors in my decision were: gaining some insight on how companies like this work and improving my social media skills.

What did I learn?

I have to say that I am impressed just how much I got out of it. This was due to the attention I received from Bart and Laura and to the careful structure of my duties. I was introduced to lots of software and sites that are useful for things like: monitoring and analysing social media; scheduling posts on various channels; task structuring and project management; keeping track of a multitude of media channels and much more. I also got to see how the company works and how to grow an enterprise such as this ‘organically’.

Overall, I am extremely pleased of my experience during this internship and I am grateful for all of the inside knowledge I have gained.

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