Is our app really 100% offline?


Smart travelers turn off their cellular data connection abroad, to avoid the often ridiculously expensive roaming charges. However, most apps on your smartphone need an Internet connection to work, and it’s often difficult to find a wifi connection.

That’s why we have always created apps that function 100% offline. As this is one of the aspects that distinguishes our apps from other travel apps (together with, of course, our always up-to-date tips by handpicked locals!), we mention this everywhere we market our app.100% offline really means no wifi or data connection is needed for any of the functionality in our app! To our big surprise, many people keep asking us if it’s really true.

The most commonly asked questions, and our answers!

How on earth is it possible the Spotted by Locals app works entirely offline?
When you download our app, all the latest locals’ tips, all functionality and the entire map of the city you have purchased, are downloaded. After that, no Internet connection is needed to use the app. Navigation, “Nearby” tips, everything…: offline!

So the map is downloaded, but I can’t zoom in and out right?
When you download our app, the entire map (including all zoom levels) of the city you have purchased, is downloaded. You can zoom in to all details on the map!

What about GPS?
The GPS function requires no data / internet connection. So there is no need to turn it off abroad. In fact, you should leave it on to enjoy the “nearby” functionality, and navigate with the map!

So when I’m offline I can’t access the external Apple/Google Maps app right?If you want the access the external Google/Apple maps app to plan a route, you will need Internet access. However, we don’t think you’ll need it with our detailed offline maps!

Does it help if I turn on wifi if I have access to it abroad?
We recommend turning on wifi once in a while, to check if there are updates available for your city guide! New

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