Our Balkan Interrail trip to 5 cities

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January 14, 2018
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Sanne on the train in Belgrade

Last week Spotted by Locals founders Sanne & Bart visited Thessaloniki, Skopje, Prishtina, Podgorica & Belgrade to meet our Spotters. Wherever there was a train track, we took by train and traveled with our Interrail pass – a pass for European citizens that gives you access to (almost) unlimited train travel in Europe (there’s also a pass for Europeans: Eurail)

Interrail in Montenegro – look outside!

The Balkans are the perfect place to travel by train – the trains are definitely not the most comfortable or fast, but that just adds to the experience…

Our trip plan

The highlight of our train trip was definitely the train ride from Podgorica to Belgrade – a 12-hour train ride through 254 tunnels and over 450 bridges…

It was the first time we visited the youngest capitals of Europe – Prishtina (Kosovo) & Podgorica (Montenegro).

It was great meeting the dream teams who will create one of the first city guides on the market for these exciting cities… We expect them both to be launched in February! Of course, we have already visited many of the spots that will be recommended by the city guides.

Expect lots of hidden architectural jewels, our locals’ favourite ćevapi & burek places and background stories about spots where history was made.

Because we had visited Thessaloniki recently, we only stayed for a few hours. But we had one of our best Greek meals at Sempriko before boarding the next train.  It was a joy to revisit Skopje and Belgrade (both for the third time) and meet our loyal and new Spotters there.

Breakfast in Skopje
Meeting the Spotters in Skopje
Palace of Youth and Sports Prishtina
National Library Prishtina
Prishtina Spotters meeting
Podgorica Spotters meeting
Palata Srbije Belgrade
A beer at the super cool Strogi Centar bar
Belgrade Spotters meeting

Thanks, Interrail, for allowing us to make this trip, and gratitude, Spotters, for taking the time to meet us and tell us more about what’s happening in your exciting cities.


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