Our Europe trip – City 5: Berlin!

2015-04-18 21.41.58

After Hamburg, Copenhagen, Stockholm & Oslo, our 5th stop on our 2 month train (Interrail) trip to meet Spotters in 26 cities was Berlin!

It had been 3 years since we spent a few days in Berlin, and we were really curious to see how the city is coping with the influx of tourists, since it seems “everybody” is going to Berlin nowadays.

Cafe P103 Berlin 3

Coffee & art at Cafe P103 Berlin

We’re happy to do she’s doing great! Berlin is big enough – as long as you don’t visit the main tourist neighborhoods (and use our app) you can have a really great local Berlin experience!

Altes Europa 3

Altes Europa Berlin

Eating in Berlin is always a treat. We went for authentic German meatballs at Altes Europa Berlin – a very local, affordable and unpretentious restaurant. And had amazing Bi Bim Bap at Yam Yam!

Haliflor Berlin 1

Haliflor Berlin

One of our favorite places for coffee, magazines & cheap lunch was the very beautiful Café P103. Cafe Haliflor makes our Spotter Sharon feel like “Oh yes, I’m in Berlin”, and we totally agree!

Hops and Barley Berlin 1

Hops and Barley Berlin

Berlin is fast catching up with Munich as a real beer city. At the Spotters meeting we had some amazing craft beers. Hops & Barley Berlin is a craft beer brewery, but refreshingly hipster-free!

Neue Heimat Berlin 3

Neue Heimat Berlin

Neue Heimat Berlin is located at a beautiful old factory building. Almost every night they have great food & drinks, and often there are DJs & live music. On the factory premises tourists go to the right side (Cassiopeia) – locals go to the left (Neue Heimat)!

Sankt Oberholz Berlin 1

Sankt Oberholz Berlin

Of course we also had to get some work done. Like years ago, we did this at the super cool Sankt Oberholz. They only thing that’s changed: everybody has the newest Macbook. Don’t even think about coming here if you don’t have a Mac!

Sunday rave next to Berghain

Sunday rave next to Berghain

We didn’t get to do any clubbing, but we did cycle by this Sunday afternoon rave party next to techno temple Berghain…

For art & culture we always value our artist Spotter Natalia’s taste highly – and again we were very much inspired. Among others, we visited KW Institute and Martin Gropius Bau.

Berlin Spotters meeting 11

Spotters meeting: Bart, Marcel, Marek, Robbie, Natalia, Jérémie

We know the Berlin Spotters quite well, as they were all present at the November 2014 Spotters weekend, and we’ve met many of them in other places too. We had a fantastic night in Robby’s beautiful and huge Prenzlauerberg apartment (Robby: thanks so much again for having us!).

Berlin Spotters meeting 5

Robby, Marcel, Marek

And a very nice surprise: our Vilnius Spotter and friend Marek also happened to be in Berlin, so of course he joined the meeting!

It was a bit sad to leave Berlin again after 3 days, because we had so many spots favorited in our app that we didn’t have the chance to visit… Next stop: Warsaw!

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