Europe’s Best Local Open-Air Cinemas for Summer 2021

Summer is in full swing, which makes this the best time to include outdoor cinemas on your to-do list.

That feeling of endless summer nights, balmy temperatures (hopefully), hanging out with friends, watching a classic with a drink in your hand: does it get any better?

With many indoor movie theatres still closed, this is the perfect time to enjoy a warm night in the open air. Here’s a selection of our Spotters’ favourite local outdoor and drive-in cinemas in their cities.

Athens – Cine Thision

Cine Thisio (by Cine Thisio)

Athens might be the world capital of open-air cinemas. Nobody knows for sure how many there are, but our locals reckon there are at least 100 in the city, open every June to September. Do you know a city that has more? Let us know!

Right under the Acropolis, the Cine Thision is a personal favourite of our Athens Spotter Sofia – the perfect place to relax under the starry sky after a day in Athens. Sometimes it plays movies almost as old as the cinema itself!

Berlin – Insel der Jugend

Insel der Jugend (by Mobile Kino)

Insel der Jugend, or “island of youth”, is a popular spot for an afternoon or weekend break from the city.

Located amid a beautiful green area of Berlin, you can find cultural events, canoe rentals, bike tours and more – as well as open-air film screenings organized by Berlin’s travelling pop-up cinema, Mobile Kino.

Why not come for a picnic during the day, and stay for a refreshing night of big-screen entertainment?

Bern – Kocherpark

Kino im Kocher (by Anja Zurbrügg Photography)

Kocherpark is an oasis some steps outside the city centre. The vibe is relaxed, the surroundings are green, and the cultural program includes everything from yoga and hairdressing, lectures and concerts to silent discos and pyro performances. In August, they host an outdoor art-house cinema for a few weeks. The best news? It’s free!

Frankfurt – Hafenkino

Hafenkino (by Hafenkino)

A short drive from Frankfurt, in the neighbouring city of Offenbach, you’ll find the open-air cinema Hafenkino, a local favourite summer spot.

They screen various films: from academy award winners to lesser-known alternative movies, the choice is yours.

The setting is unique: an urban industrial ruin in the background, free-range sheep on the right, and an alternative bar/restaurant to the left. The nearby river also makes for a great stroll before or after viewing.

Geneva – Spoutnik

Cinema Spoutnik (by Juliette Bourquin)

This cinema closes its main movie theatre in the summer and instead organizes open-air film screenings. Spoutnik is known for showing non-commercial films, and its main goal is to promote movies that are less known to the wider public.

They often partner with local film festivals to achieve wider recognition for new filmmakers.

Hamburg – Zeise Open Air Kino

Open Air Kino (by zeisekinos)

Zeise itself is a small, beautiful local cinema. Our Hamburg Spotter Sebastiana would recommend you visit it if you get the chance. This summer, they are organizing a large open-air cinema right next to the Altona city hall.

With selections ranging from the most recent blockbusters to old-time classics, you will surely have a fun, memorable evening!

Ljubljana – Kinodvor

Kinodvor Cinema (by Kinodvor)

Our Ljubljana Spotter Jošt used to work at Kinodvor as a waiter and can tell you that this cinema has a warm community vibe.

They show multiple movies every day and ensure that their selection caters to everyone: older people, children, students, mommies with strollers… All kinds of films are shown throughout the entire summer in their open-air cinemas.

Madrid – Autocine Madrid RACE

Autocine Madrid (by Autocine Madrid)

If you ever wanted to feel like John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John at the drive-in cinema, and have never been to one, this is your chance to go to the largest permanent drive-in cinema in Europe. Autocine Madrid RACE can fit up to 350 cars in 25,000 square meters.

Bring your own food, grab a snack at any of the food trucks, or enjoy some American favourites at their diner. Come with your baby and/or pet and enjoy various films and documentaries!

Milan – Mare Culturale Urbano

Mare Culturale Urbano (by Susanna Baggio)

Mare Culturale Urbano is one of the most vibrant cultural centres in Milan. Originally a farmstead, it was renovated and transformed into a social space, a co-working area, a music venue, an exhibition site…

essentially a hub for culture and innovation. There’s always something going on in the main yard, including a much-loved open-air cinema during the summer nights.

Minsk – Cinemascope

Cinemascope Outdoor Screening (by Cinemascope)

Cinemascope is a project that promotes independent film festivals and art-house movies.

They are currently offering the special open-air summer-only program #shhh. They are always working on new and interesting projects, and are definitely worth taking the time to check out on a visit to Minsk.

Prague – Kasárna Karlín

Kasárna Karlín (by Kasárna Karlín)

“Kasárna” means “barracks”, and it really was a former house for soldiers.

Nowadays, Kasárna Karlín has become a dynamic cultural centre with a cafe, a bar, a cinema, a theatre, a gallery and a place for music events.

In the summer, they have an open-air cinema, a popular chill-out zone for hanging out with friends.

Sofia – G8

G8 (by Културен център G8)

This is one of the smaller, but also one of the cosier outdoor cinemas you can enjoy this year. G8 Sofia screens mainly European, Asian and art-house films. They have a nice glass roof café, which is a comfortable place to work most of the time.

During the summer it is used as an open-air cinema for small groups. Come enjoy the cosy atmosphere – and a complimentary drink!

Sykies – Cine Alsos

Cine Alsos (by Cine Alsos)

Located in Sykies, a neighbouring region of Thessaloniki, Cine Alsos is the definition of “off-the-beaten-track”, hidden in a vast tree-filled park on the upper side of the city.

Even on the hottest summer days, you will feel the breeze and the calm that only mountainous scenery can provide. They screen great movies, varying between well-known and new movies, plus animated films for kids, and independent and European film-making.

Warsaw – NInA

NInA Warsaw (by Stefano Nardone)

When summer arrives, most public gardens in Warsaw turn into cinemas under the stars. You will find a spot for every taste and film from all over the world. One of local Spotter Stefano’s favourites is the Narodowy Instytut Audiowizualny (NInA).

The institute works on promoting Polish film tradition, and during their July/August outdoor screenings, you can enjoy Polish classics while taking a break from the city noise.

Yerevan – Open Air Cinema

Open Air Cinema (by Raffi Elliott)

During the hot and dry summers in Yerevan, the Open Air Cinema is a perfect refreshing nighttime activity.

This outdoor theatre can be found behind the Moscow Cinema. Its constructivist-style hall has an interesting, controversial Soviet history (check out the article!).

The amphitheatre has remained operational to this day and hosts multiple screenings during the annual Yerevan Golden Apricot International Film Festival.

Zagreb – Kino Tuškanac

Kino Tuškanac (by Hello Croatia)

One of Zagreb’s charms is that it has a real forest in its very centre – the forest Tuškanac. If you wander along one of the trails that runs through it, called Dubravkin put, on a summer night, you’ll come across Summer Cinema Tuškanac, a small and very pleasant open-air cinema. What better way to spend a balmy summer night than relaxing under the moon and the stars, drinking in hand, enjoying a good movie?

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