Blogs We Love: Atlas Obscura

The world is a wonderful, at times terrifying, place. Both nature and men’s creations can be surprisingly strange. Atlas Obscura offers the ideal go-to website for those interested in the curious obscurities of our planet. From Jell-O exhibitions to smoking mountains. Prepare to be amazed.

The Atlas Obscura team recently published an actual hard copy of their findings. The ideal coffee table book to browse through on a Sunday afternoon. Reading the blog also has its perks though. You can, for example, have a look at all the featured events across the globe. The blog is always up-to-date, which of course is tougher for a book. And if you’ve got a soft spot for random videos, you’re definitely in the right place. I mean…

There are different ways to browse the Atlas Obscura website. Already know where you want to go? Great! Still in need of some inspiration? Excellent! Just curious and thirsty for your daily random fact? No problem! I bet you didn’t know that a wat called Mrs. Chippy tagged along on the Endurance voyage to Antarctica.

Gastro Obscura (by Gastro Obscura)

If, however, you would be more interested in all the bizarre foods out there, Atlas Obscura comes to the rescue. Or to be more precise: Gastro Obscura. From the Turkish roots of Swedish meatballs to chestnut beers in Italy, you’ll find everything you didn’t know you were looking for.

What we share with Atlas Obscura? Well, a lot! Our Spotters definitely have an eye for weird stuff. In Venice for example, our Spotter Enrica Pressanto wrote about San Lazzaro degli Armeni – which also features on their site! Perfect match, right?

San Lazzaro degli Armeni (by Atlas Obscura)

You can also follow Atlas Obscura on Facebook and Instagram for even more daily weirdness. And don’t hesitate to let them know when there’s a spot that has to be added to the Atlas!

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