Blogs we love: Blocal

It can be hard to find a blog that has original content, especially on the topic of travel. Plenty of blogs are filled with touristy, commercial places that are easy to find. Personally, I love stumbling upon little hidden secrets when traveling and exploring a city (let’s be real, isn’t that the best part?).

Blocal is a blog that documents exactly those places and moments, the ones that you don’t expect but turn out to be the best places anyway! The blog is run by one of our Giulia, one of our Rome Spotters.  Giulia is an off the beaten path traveler who has lived in many places, such as Slovenia, London and more!


Giulia focusses on writing about unconventional, hidden or abandoned places that aren’t always easily found. On Blocal she also writes about street art, outskirts and urban landscapes. You can find tips and stories about the different places she has traveled to or lived in, such as different places in Italy and the Balkan area. You can also find little videos of places to get a good taste of the atmosphere!


What makes this blog unique is that besides nice places to visit it has a focus on street art and exploring urban secrets. If you go over to the street art section you will find anything from articles on nice street art, and even a street art festival , street art guides and a section called ‘street art bloggers united‘ where Giulia shares her favorite street art bloggers. Sharing is caring!


To me, by far the coolest thing on Blocal are the maps. By subscribing to the monthly newsletter of the blog you can get access to Giulia’s maps on Google where she shares and saves her urbex, street art and all other types of maps!

This is for sure a great blog to check out, whether it be for concrete travel tips or maybe just for inspiration. For those of us wanting to avoid tourist traps this blog is a dream come true! Especially if you’re interested in street art, but never know where to find the good stuff (like me) this blog can really help you and is worth checking out when traveling.

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