Blogs We Love: Contemporary Art Daily

Contemporary Art Daily is a fairly simple and straightforward blog. As the name implies, their mission is to publish documentation of at least one current exhibition every day. What makes it special though, is that they’ve managed to do just that since 2018, without missing a single day.

However, it has grown far beyond its initial simplicity. Since then, the people behind Contemporary Art Daily have formed a non-profit organization and built on their work. They established the Contemporary Art Library, which uses both the documentation they gathered themselves, as well as that of their partners. As opposed to Daily’s chronological order, going to the Library will take you through every year randomly. You will come across both projects from the respective month from different years, as well as completely random ones.

To us, Contemporary Art Daily is a nice way to keep up with all the creative people all over the world and their thought-provoking exhibitions. Both the Daily and Library pages offer different ways to come across all kinds of forms of art. Thanks to links such as the press release and venue website, you can also learn more about the context and backgrounds of the artists.

In Praise of Shadows @ Lyles & King / Dandelion Song @ Foxy Production

Art is a form of self-expression and culture. To us, it is something we wish to promote and preserve as much as possible. For example, our Spotter Victoria absolutely loves art! As such, exploring various galleries in her city, NYC, is one of her favorite activities. You can always find new interesting exhibitions and attend their receptions. Two such exhibitions that recently took place and were documented by Contemporary Art Daily are In Praise of Shadows (at Lyles & King), and Dandelion Song (at Foxy Production).

Artist, or simply passionate about art. Whichever you are, this is a blog you should keep an eye on!

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