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October 12, 2021
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StreetArtNews is the definitive guide to the Street Art World.” This is the first sentence you will read on their ‘About’ page. A bold statement indeed, but not one we will attempt to deny.

Unlike similar blogs with broader scopes, StreetArtNews does not seek to cover an exhaustive range of art forms. Their focus is simple and clear – street art. They publish new articles often, sharing murals from all over the world. Beyond that, you will also be able to find insightful artist interviews and news of exhibitions on this blog.

Rather than being satisfied with simply sharing nice pictures of masterful art, they cover all of the aspects that go into it. You might click on one of their articles, drawn in by the art. Once there though, you will be presented with not only a brief history of the artist and their circumstances, but also an analysis of the art itself, as well as any other information they deem worth sharing.

“Nelu” by Pastel (via

What we appreciate the most about this blog is that it shares some of our values – promoting authentic people and culture. Street art is one of the least marketable forms of art – not only is it often illegal, but artists rarely create it with the intent of selling something or promoting themselves. Rather, it is about sending a message in a genuine way, about sharing one’s perspective with the world. As a result of our similar missions, the subjects we cover end up overlapping sometimes (for example, our Spotter wrote about all the street art that can be found in the Tøyen area of Oslo, which is an area that StreetArtNews covered as well!)

An artist looking for inspiration, or simply keen on street art. No matter who you are, you will definitely find a mural, an artist, and a story to resonate with on this blog!


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