Blogs we love: The Savvy Backpacker

Spotted By Locals
July 8, 2018
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Americans James & Susan started The Savvy Backpacker with the aim to create an “a high-quality site about backpacking in Europe — a site that I would want to actually use”. They have succeeded for sure!

The Savvy Backpacker is one of the most popular blogs for travelers heading to Europe. The website looks beautiful, they have great city guides with good “to do” tips, but what we think really makes this blog stand out are the meticulously researched “planning” articles with really great practical tips.

Some of our favorite items:

Some articles have quite a few articles containing sponsored content or affiliate links, but it’s all very clearly labeled and even this commercial content is super fun to read and comes straight from the heart – they clearly only review products they really love and use themselves.


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