Our Boston city guide is live!

Boston by R..D

Boston by R..D

Today we launched our 7th North America city blog: Spotted by Locals Boston!

In Boston we started out with 3 Spotters* – a smaller than the teams in other cities – but our locals Erin Jaeger, Katie Campisi & Paula Sokolska have done a great job of writing about a wide variety of their favorite spots!

Some examples:

  • Jamaica Pond – a nice piece of nature for running or renting a rowboat / sailboat (spotted by Erin)
  • The Garment District – Katie’s favorite thrift shop, including a room with a pile of clothing available for US$ 1.50 a pound!
  • The Donkey show – A show with Shakespeare and disco! Paula: “The songs will be stuck in your head almost as long as the glitter will be in your hair. “

*) Somehow we only have female Bostonians on the waiting list… we need males! Please share this link with friends or apply here

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