In Budapest to meet our Spotters

Spotted By Locals
September 13, 2019
2 min read
Before and after restoration

Apart from Athens and Amsterdam, there’s no city we’ve visited more often than Budapest. It’s always a joy, and the city looks different every time. Spots come and go rapidly and more and more of the beautiful buildings are restored.

The city is also getting visibly more touristy. This is something we had interesting discussions about with our team of Spotters. On the one hand they’re happy with tourists, because it helps the Hungarian economy. On the other hand, mass tourism is making the city less liveable.

A meeting with all 7 Budapest Spotters!
But first coffee (at Nor\ma)

We traveled comfortably (direct – 9 hours) from Warsaw to Budapest with our Interrail card and again realized how fantastic it is to travel by train and not by air!

No check-in, no waiting in lines, no luggage checks, no pre-flight safety demonstrations, no onboard duty-free sales and being able to work comfortably with WiFi access…

This trip was made possible by 🚆 Interrail – the pass that allows you to travel on almost all trains in Europe

And 🛌 – the place to book hostels. In Budapest we stayed at The Lavender Circus


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