Testing the Budapest Card

Budapest card + bag full of nice gadgets!

Thanks to a sponsorship deal with the Budapest tourist board, we had the opportunity to test the Budapest card – the card that gives you access to public transport and almost everything you can do in the city, for 24 to 120 hours!

We usually never purchase such a card, as we’re always too busy running around checking out all the spots our Spotters have written about. It was a very nice opportunity for us to visit some spots we usually would not visit and play tourist for 48 hours :)

Museum of fine arts Budapest

House of photography Budapest

We focused on museums. In the little time we had in Budapest, we have visited 5 really nice museums we usually would not have visited. Some museums we visited just for a short time, just to admire the amazing architecture.

For us, this freedom to walk around and go into almost any place that looked nice and show our card to get free access was something we really liked about using the Budapest card.

Lukasz baths Budapest

We also took public transport (free with the card) much more often than we usually would. This saved us a lot of time – both in travel and buying tickets from the machines

We finished the day in the very beautiful Lukasz baths, which were much less crowded and touristy than most of the other baths we visited on previous trips to Budapest.

Benches for sun-tanning – put up by Budapest city office

What does the Budapest card cost? 48 hours for 33 Euro, 24 hours for 22 Euro. In our 48 hours, we would have spent way more on public transport and the museums we visited. Also it saved us a lot of time waiting in queues.

All in all, we had a really nice time with the Budapest Card and would recommend it to all culture-savvy visitors of Budapest looking for convenience and saving some money! Also, the gadgets (water bottle, band-aids, bracelets) are a nice bonus :)

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