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Spotted By Locals
June 16, 2018
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Hi, I’m Camille and chances are that you’ve seen some content from me passing by during the last months. I had the chance to do my internship at Spotted by Locals during my Masters in Journalism. Sadly, I have to get back to my books for one last time and this means that my time at Spotted by Locals is over.

My internship

Internship Camille Spotted by Locals

Being an intensive user of both the site as the app for years now, Spotted by Locals seemed like an obvious choice when looking for an internship. Bart and Sanne were enthusiastic and one Skype call later it was decided. I had to wait 6 more months though – which bummed me out a little. But I had something nice to look forward to.

At the end of April, I could finally get started. An internship at Spotted by Locals means that you’re working on distance and that was kind of perfect. As an aspiring (and by now my first job is in) freelancer, it was the perfect opportunity to get used to the digital nomad life. And to being responsible yourself for your working hours. It’s definitely something that asks a bit of getting-used-to but it offers a lot of advantages.

So what did I do? Editing, writing, updating social media, taking pictures, contacting spots and external media… It’s a job with a lot of different sides to it and I absolutely loved it. If you’re tired of a task, you just do something totally different for a while. And then you get back to it. You definitely have a lot of deadlines on your plate but once you see the results, it’s so worth it.

I’ve always believed that practice is the best way to learn something and that’s definitely the case with this internship. I hope my teachers aren’t reading this (sorry in that case!) but I feel like I learned much more during these two months than during the rest of the academic year. You’re just thrown into it, you have to do your thing, and sometimes you mess things up a little. Next time you won’t make the same mistake though. Bart always told me when I had done something wrong in the friendliest way possible. But he said it, so I was aware of it and that’s a great way to learn.

Although I could always ask him if I had a question, in the end, I had quite a lot of responsibilities. You’re no longer considered as a student but as a full-on working grown-up. So, when things succeed, it feels even better.

And now?

Intersnhip Camille Spotted by Locals

What’s next? As you could have imagined, I absolutely love traveling. I hope to be able to integrate that into my working life as a freelance journalist. The social media part of my internship also proved to be my cup of tea, which has led to my first job as a community manager. I’d love to move abroad at some point but life in Brussels is great right now, so I’m going to enjoy this city for a little longer. If you’d like to keep updated with my (not always interesting) life, you can do so on Instagram!

In short: thanks a lot Spotted by Locals for this great opportunity. I will always look back on this internship with a big smile and I hope to be able to contribute in the future. And for those still looking for an internship: don’t hesitate for a second.

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