Interview with Carolina Leersch (Frankfurt Spotter)

Carolina Leersch, Frankfurt

A few weeks ago we interviewed one of our Frankfurt Spotters, Carolina Leersch. She shared with us details about her life, her love for Frankfurt and among other things, how she liked being a Spotter!

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
I’m a person always on the move: I was born in Mexico City, went to Kindergarten in Switzerland and went to school in the suburbs of Frankfurt. I have studied in Frankfurt and Stockholm, worked in Brussels and my next stop will be studying in Australia. Not only am I moving for work or studies, but I just like being on the run and in a rush: meet friends in town, partake in sports outside, plan the next vacation. I always need a little stress and movement, that’s what life means to me! Besides that, I am a very positive person that tries to end every day with a smile. Not always easy, but it’s my aim.

How do you like being a Spotter?
It’s great to share the spots I enjoy with people who may come from another city to live here. Most people have prejudices about Frankfurt or just don’t see the charm of it. I have convinced many friends, that with my/our special spots, the city finally has a hidden charm that may not be immediately visible. But it’s there! When I lived in Brussels, I was very happy to meet the Spotters of Brussels and see who the people were behind the lovely articles that I read. And I immediately got along really well with my ‘twin’ Sarah, from Brussels. I’d never met someone who was so similar to me: we even wore the same shirt, remember?

Which prejudices about Frankfurt are true? Which ones are not?
Frankfurt is a very underrated city! Most people just know the big Frankfurt Airport or have heard about it since the European Central Bank and other big banks are located here. But hey, Frankfurt has so much more to offer! Frankfurt is the only city in Germany that has big skyscrapers and the skyline! You get the feeling of being in a big city. It’s the big-city-life you are offered like nowhere else in Germany! But there’s also the other charming and calm side: you have the old part of town with the old timber-frame houses! It’s touristic, yes, but it’s lovely. You’ve got the big river Main with both riversides, which are a lovely place to hang out during summer.

Frankfurt has been growing over the last few years and more than ever, there are so many opportunities to go out, to do sports, to meet people and more!Frankfurt is also said to be a very fancy city, which is partly true- big bankers spend their money in the city and therefore lots of things are expensive and you should be suited up. But you just have to know where to go: there’s plenty of possibilities to go out in the student-style!

It may be a matter of character, but I would not recommend going out to most clubs in Frankfurt: you pay big prices for mostly small entertainment. Bar-hopping is my advice, especially in Sachsenhausen, where you find old bars with original food from Hessen and apple wine. Always worth going, really!

Urban Kitchen, Frankfurt (by Ginger Kern)

What do you know about Frankfurt that no tourist will know?
The town in the suburbs where I live in used to be an important city during the medieval times. In a knight-fight against big Frankfurt, my little town beat it. We’re very proud of that, as suburbans! But never mind, nowadays Frankfurt has only 700.000 inhabitants, which isn’t much: But during the day there are over a million people running through the streets! Crazy, isn’t it?

Can you describe a perfect day in your city?
Well a perfect day includes the following ingredients: friends, food & drinks, good weather. My perfect day in Frankfurt starts with a yummy breakfast at Café Karinwith my friends: self-made banana parfait with crunchy granola and fresh fruits and a big cup of coffee. Or two.Then I’d continue to the Century Modernstore, just to see what new funky objects they sell or how their window looks today. Since I’m a full time-student, there won’t pass a day where I don’t go to university, but I love the campus – seriously. It was built after the idea “University in the Park”. So the campus is green and very impressive. It also has a very interesting historical background.

Fleming’s Lounge, Frankfurt (by Carolina Leersch)

To finish the day, a dinner at Urban Kitchen is always great, where every taste finds a meal. And if my bank account has too much money on it, a drink at the Fleming’s Lounge with a stunning view on the skyline is a thing I love. Voilá, my perfect day.

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