My internship at Spotted by Locals


My name is Celesta Hentze. I am originally half Ghanaian and half Russian. I have lived in 4 different countries, one of them being the Faroe Islands. I am currently studying in Copenhagen at the Copenhagen Business Academy, majoring in Tourism. As a compulsory part of my education, I had to find an internship placement and that was how Spotted by Locals came into my life and I into theirs.

During my search for a company, I knew that finding a place that would fit with my personality was important. I could not see myself interning for a so called “traditional” travel agency, since that does really appeal to me. Spotted by Locals caught my attention right away.They advertised themselves as not being a “Typical Company”, subsequently offering an internship that was flexible and not depended on a specific location. I also really loved the idea of working as a Social Media Intern. Spotted by Locals was perfect for me!

I am already four weeks into my internship.I work mainly from Copenhagen, with daily correspondence with Bart, my mentor. I have a free choice of working from home or any other location with a wifi connection. I can say, that I have gained so much new knowledge and skills in such a short time. Being in charge of introducing “City of the week” and managing the Copenhagen Facebook and Twitter account, in combination with Instagram, Pinterest and Foursquare, I have acquired knowledge on how social media can be used as a promotional and marketing tool. In addition to this, getting the opportunity to write articles on different topics has improved my writing skills.

I got the chance to spend some days in Amsterdam and to work closely with Bart (my mentor) and Sanne. It was a wonderful experience. The working atmosphere was very relaxed and we often had after-work drinks, where I was introduced to a few local spots, that are recommended by their Amsterdam spotters.

I am really glad to have been given this opportunity to intern at Spotted by Locals. On a personal level, it has taught me self-discipline and how to better structure my work. I get to work with social media and learn about so many interesting places/spots in 57 different countries.

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