We’re coming to Chisinau (and looking for locals)!

Chișinău city

Overtourism is becoming a problem (read more about our vision and our crowdfunding campaign), and we believe that one of the solutions is moving tourism from popular cities to other cities that could actually use some more visitors, where tourist dollars can help develop the local economy. Moldova is one of the least visited countries in Europe, and that’s just not right… It produces some of the best wines in the world (and has the highest Per Capita Production of Wine worldwide), has amazing heritage sites and a culturally diverse and interesting mix of traditions, languages and folklore. So we’ve decided to go to one of the most overlooked capitals of Europe: Chisinau, Moldova.

We will be in Chisinau at the end of October to meet the awesome locals who will make Spotted by Locals happen for their city.

Do you live in  Chisinau, and would you like to promote your favourite spots in your city? Do you know people who live in Chișinău, or can you help us with publicity around the launch? Please get in touch (see bottom of this post)!

Ciuflea Monastery, Chișinău (by Andrew Milligan sumo)

What can you do in Chisinau?

Here are some examples of things to do in the city, mostly found on the awesome WikiTravel:

Parks, Parks everywhere

The people of Chișinău take great pride in the beautiful parks found across the city. Some of the best known are Central Park and Botanica Park.

Central Park (By Bagriton)

The Nativity Cathedral

The Cathedral of Christ’s Nativity is the main cathedral of the Moldovan Orthodox Church. It was restored to its former glory in 1997 after being destroyed during WWII and the subsequent Soviet era.

The Nativity Cathedral (by Achim Fried)

The Chisinau City Museum

Located inside a former water tower which is side Chișinău University. At the top, there is an observation room and balcony where you can see the city from above!


Chișinău has quite a few nice markets to go and explore, such as the Souvenir Bazaar and the Piata Centrala.

Market in Chișinău (By Frantisek Trampota)

A whole lot of Wine

The Mileștii Mici wine cellar is the biggest one in the world, stretching for 200km and holds almost 2 million(!) wine bottles. It’s just outside the city.

Image via Mileștii Mici

What do locals do in Chișinău?

Where do the locals go for the nicest meals? For the best cup of coffee? Where’s the hidden park they go to relax? Which hidden gallery will show you the best local artists? What do Moldova locals who live in the capital like to do on the weekends?

We honestly don’t know! The information available online about Chișinău is pretty limited, with only a few popular attractions that get put in the spotlight… We would love to change this!

Do you live in Chișinău or know people there?

Do you live in Chișinău, and would you like to open up your city by sharing your favourite spots with travellers visiting? Please apply here: https://www.spottedbylocals.com/become-a-spotter/

Do you know people in Chișinău? Please share the link of this article with them! Any other thoughts about Chișinău, or did we get anything wrong in this article? Please get in touch via chisinau@spottedbylocals.com


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