How to Get in to Clubs with Legend Status

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May 7, 2013
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The Grand Factory in Beirut (by The Grand Factory)

There are great (night) clubs all over the world. Go to any major city in the world and you will find at least 1 or 2 (tip: ask the locals).

Increasingly there seem to be some clubs in Europe that are gaining ‘legend status’, and an almost mythical reputation, amongst club-goers and travelers who are lucky enough to get in and experience them.

My mum recently asked me, after I named a newborn family lamb ‘Lewis the Legend’: ‘what exactly has he done to achieve legend status!?’ I ask the same thing of these ‘legendary’ European clubs.

They all seem to share a few key attributes that make these clubs legendary:

  • Difficult to get in
  • Great music & DJs (big names or up-and-coming DJs, plus new sub-genre breeding grounds)
  • Incredibly long opening hours
  • The amazing (and big) setting, usually in an ex-something’ – e.g. ex-factory, ex-power station, ex…
  • Random and memorable ‘stuff’ going on inside

On that basis, here a couple of the most legendary clubs in Europe right now:

Berghain – Berlin

Berghain (by Electronic Beats)

Berlin‘s most legendary and cavernous club is set in an old power station. Their minimal techno line-ups are considered amongst the best in the world. Incredibly long opening hours, check – their weekend parties last until Monday morning. Randomness, check again – you’ll likely see things going on in this club that you wouldn’t normally see, let’s leave it at that. Perhaps the biggest reason for Berghain’s legend status though – it’s bloody hard just to get in! It has a notoriously strict and difficult-to-crack door policy,

refusing entrance to a large portion of the hopefuls enduring 1 hour plus queues. Who you are, clothes, boy-girl ratio… nothing guarantees you will get into Berghain. I’ve heard from a Berghain-regular that the main doorman (who’s been there for years and alone decides who gets in) looks for the ‘life in your eyes’, crack that! If you are lucky enough to get in, Berghain is always busy and is considered one of the best nights out anywhere… Legendary.

Fabric – London

Fabric (by Fabric)

Other legendary clubs in Europe include Fabric in London, This club is located in an ex-meat storage facility!


Space in Ibiza (by Space)

And on the legendary island of Ibiza, some notable clubs include Space, Pacha, and Privilege.

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