9 of the Coolest Coworking Spots Around Europe

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February 11, 2021
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Remote working became incredibly popular in the last years, and so did coworking places. If you know the concept already and have been testing a few of them, you’re probably not so impressed right now. After all, coworking places are pretty much all the same everywhere, right? Wrong!

Many of our Spotters are remote workers and they have been testing the best coworking spaces around the world for years. And they can promise you there’s still a lot to discover and plenty of cool projects you need to know about.

Here’s a selection of 9 of the most interesting ones!

Miss your children? Bring them to work in Kyiv!

Image by Zelenka

The concept behind Zelenka in Kyiv is really a beautiful one: it’s a coworking place dedicated to mothers with kids (of all ages, even newborns!). You get a quiet working area, plus a sleeping area for kids, kitchen, play areas, etc. You pay by the hour and the price includes nannies to keep your kids busy while you work, plus unlimited tea and cookies for the family. Isn’t it great?

In the end, this place grants lots of fun and socializing for children, and a quiet time to focus for moms. Finally, you can enjoy having your children with you while getting things done as well! What’s more, Zelenka organizes all sorts of creative activities to make families meet and socialize.

Can’t pay? Give back by sharing your expertise in Amsterdam!

Seats2meet Amsterdam (by Meet Berlage)

Coworking spaces allow people to work in comfortable, quiet, and well-lighted environments, which is very important for workers’ wellbeing. Also, they’re a great opportunity to network and socialize, making it easier to land your first job after an internship. However, the pricey fees often make it hard for less wealthy people to access it. Unfair, right?

People in Amsterdam decided to do something about it and that’s how Seats2meet was born! Here, you get a spot to work and a great community, as long as you give back to the community by sharing your expertise. How? You can do it online or on the spot, and you don’t need to be a pro! Just help those in need whenever you can.

Work is boring – pasta carbonara in Rome is better!

Image by smartsquare.co

In 2020, a group of about 20 hostels in Italy created the “Bello Comodo” (roughly translates to “very comfortable”) project. It’s a network of hostels offering cheap mid-to-long-term stays for digital nomads with access to a coworking space. Forget the hassle of renting an apartment, and enjoy a proper working space as well.

They all offer great service and atmosphere but Yellosquare in Rome is a must-go for all visual content creators. Indeed, here you can rent a soundproof studio with video, photo, and audio material! And they help you with setting it all up, shooting, and technical assistance. Enough? No! If you can’t do it yourself, you can rent a team of professionals taking care of photo and video shooting from A to Z.

And what do we do after a long day recording podcasts and editing pictures? We learn how to make proper pasta carbonara! Indeed, this hostel offers a plethora of activities as well, including Italian cooking classes that will make your nonna proud of you.

Let’s get geeky and help the Tirana community

Image by Marinela Gogo

We really believe in community and sharing, that’s why we love Open Labs Hackerspace! It’s a nonprofit organization in Tirana that is all about Open Source technologies and Open Web. This means, they engage in helping developed and implement software and technologies that are free to use for all, and that everybody can improve and update.

They offer a coworking space as well, so, it’s the perfect spot to work on your tech projects! Here you can get support, take part in events, and socialize with like-minded people. Even if you’re not into tech-stuff though, the environment is worth spending some time here.

“Many students find the hackerspace as the best place to practice their English as it is often visited by open source and open knowledge lovers from all over the world” – says Marinela, our Tirana Spotter

Offline coworking space? In Milan, it exists!

Image by Pablo Urbini

Usually, a coworking space is not exactly the place where to bring your engraving tools. And maybe, the people sipping coffee next to you are not happy about the smell of solvents and paints. That is unless you are in Centro dell’Incisione! This hidden artist hub in Milan is a successful coworking and workshop experiment. It’s a big complex with plenty of room for working on every kind of art and meet other artists and their projects as well.

Besides that, they also organize plenty of exhibitions and events, so in case you need some inspiration, you’re covered. The building is also beautiful, covered in climbing plants with an internal courtyard. We recommend you come here on a sunny day to fully enjoy the experience!

Work comfortably in a container in Lisbon!

Image by hostelworld.com

Village Underground is a multidisciplinary space in Lisbon hosting many different artistic and creative projects, and it’s part of the Trans Europe Halles. This is a network of independent cultural centers over 36 European countries, that are born from converted abandoned buildings. Village Underground indeed is composed of big maritime containers where the coworking spaces are, and two out-of-service buses that are now a meeting hall and a restaurant.

Also, there’s plenty of projects and cultural activities going on all the time, so your coffee breaks are going to be some interesting ones. “I love the whole place and it has a great progressive vibe! Hopefully, they’re here to stay and promote new events and ideas.” – says our Lisbon resident Nuno.

Future chef? Get the know-how in a shared Vienna kitchen

Imge by herd.co.at

You thought coworking spaces were just for people working on a laptop, huh? Well, we actually thought the same, until we discovered Herd – Open Kitchen! This coworking space in Vienna is specially catered to food&beverage industry workers, and it provides them with a 700mq fully equipped kitchen to develop their projects and skills.

Herd is not just a rented space, here you have your own storage, share the kitchen with other coworkers and feel a lot more “at home”. The community is really nice and focused on sharing, which makes it a great environment where to learn and grow.  Also, they have an accelerator program dedicated to start-ups who have the coolest idea but need some help getting their business started.

Co-work, co-learn, and co-succeed in Geneva

Impact Hub Geneva co-working spaces
Impact Hub (by Impact Hub Geneva)

On the surface Impact Hub Geneva is an open space where people who care about the world can work, learn, host events, design products, or simply enjoy lunch together. At its heart though, Impact Hub is about caring and developing a diverse range of programs. They do so through training, expert support, and other resources. By which they’re trying to enable entrepreneurial ventures of purpose-driven teams and individuals. Proof for that is the crowdfunding campaign, creating scholarship funds to empower young people to take action for a better world!

Or go into the wild (in The Netherlands)…

Image by looselab.nl

Yes, you read it right. KantoorKaravan is a mobile off-grid workplace, fully equipped for all of your digital needs. Basically, it’s a sort of van designed to let you have a fully functional working space in various locations in the countryside. This means your coffee breaks are now hiking breaks, and you don’t need to spend sunny days working indoors anymore.

They have plenty of facilities for individuals and for groups as well, like conference facilities or workshop. What’s even cooler is that is affordable for everybody. If you’re short on money, you can take part in activities that contribute to the project and to maintaining the nature around the locations, and pay a reduced fee.

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