Creative Balcony Initiatives During COVID-19 Crisis

During the current COVID-19 crisis many of us around the world are facing difficult times caused by uncertainty, loneliness or straight-up boredom. But the current situation has also enhanced a lot of people’s creative minds and lead to new ideas!

We have gathered five cool initiatives in some of “our” 80 cities, which will hopefully give you some inspiration and ideas to try out yourself at home while staying safe!

Community Workouts

Community balcony workout

If you think that quarantine measures and the closure of gyms are a good excuse for skipping exercising and being lazy, then you are totally wrong! These community workouts, in which neighbors come out to exercise together on their balconies (while social distancing) were seen in many cities like Copenhagen.

In Hamburg, a personal trainer was giving free workout classes on the streets in which people were able to participate from their balconies. Therefore, even in times of lockdown, there are many ways of staying fit and healthy.

Balcony Wine Parties

A video of people in Italy having a wine party from their balconies went viral on social media. Distance does not have to be a hindrance to parties and socializing when you’re a bit creative (and have bamboo poles in your house!).

#stayarthome – Window Drawings

#stayarthome by Pejac

An art projected, initiated by the Barcelona-based artist Pejac features miniature window drawings. Many have followed his example, and have shared their own on Instagram. His drawings represent real-life images that interact with the outside world. Clever twists and an innovative idea make this project very unique and relevant.

Quarantined Sing-Alongs

Quarantine Sing-Alongs

In times like these, it is especially important to show solidarity and team spirit as we are all in this together. In Milan and other Italian cities that were heavily affected by COVID-19, people have taken to singing the national anthem with neighbors from their own balconies while waving their country’s flag.

Alternative Tennis


Vittoria, age 13, and 11-year-old Carola became social media sensations after they posted video of their game played between two rooftop terraces. Definitely a risky way of playing tennis, but perhaps even more fun?

Another way of playing tennis was seen in Spain, with two people playing from their windows by leaning outside and trying to keep the ball in the air. Hopefully, they had plenty of balls…

Do you know any other fun and innovative initiatives around the world? Or are you doing something cool at home that you would like to share? Please share via We would love to read about it and share it!

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