My internship at Spotted by Locals


My name is Danny Kuilboer and I wrote several articles for the Spotted by Locals main blog. I did my internship starting back in April until early summer while I was studying in Madrid.

I really enjoyed being a Spotted by Locals intern as I could do as much as I wanted to and, in addition, I was responsible for maintaining several important social media pages, which was great!

Why did I choose to do my internship at Spotted by Locals?

I wanted a better understanding on the relationship between an (online) business and its followers on social media and I’m convinced that I learned a lot from both Bart and Laura.

I love travelling and therefore I could also learn a lot from all the articles written by our spotters, which made the whole experience even better!

What did I learn?

I’ve learnt how to interact with a very specific target group. Through the use of several social media tools I was also able to track the overall performance of our social media channels, which helped me a lot as I tried to form messages so that they looked more attractive.

I’d like to give special thanks to Bart, Laura and former intern Xavier as they taught me a lot of interesting stuff about travelling!

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