Interview with Deanna Romano (London Spotter)

Today an interview with Deanna Romano, Spotter for our London cityblog. Deanna introduced us to the very cool Bricklane area, where we had a nice biological cappuccino in 2008!

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
I’m originally from Australia however came to this part of the world in 2005 to travel for a few months, which unexpectedly turned into a few years! I work right in the heart of the city, travel every few months and have found a great group of friends in London – so life’s pretty good!

Why London?
There is nothing like a good English pub. In summer, people flock to beer gardens or sprawl out onto the pavements drinking and chatting for hours. Whereas in winter, you take your beer or wine inside, get a comfy couch by the fire and order yourself a fabulous roast. So no matter what time of year you visit, it is essential that you immerse yourself into this fine English tradition!

As for what not to do, I would highly advise not shopping along Oxford Street on a Saturday! The crowds alone will leave even the most serene shopper in a state of stress and anxiety!

Which prejudices about London are true? Which ones are not?
The most common prejudice is that all Londoners are rude! I think given the size and pace of the city, people can appear to be unfriendly at a glance on the tube or whilst fighting for their place on the pavement! However, take the time to talk to a waiter at a bar, the market seller or when asking someone for directions, you’ll often be greeted with a smile and someone more than happy to take the time to talk with you. (However of course there sometimes can be exceptions!)

What is the most popular neighbourhood to live in London at this moment?
There are many fantastic places to live in London – it all depends on what you want! However for me, the best place to live is around Notting Hill, it has everything I love! Besides being such a beautiful looking area, there’s a real vibrant and bohemian feel to the place. Everything from the Portobello Road market, to the pubs, second hand stores, cafes and the people. I feel like I’m living at the soul of the city and somewhere with a lot of fascinating tales and history!

Is there something else you want to share?
To experience the real London, leave the tourist trail behind for a day and get yourself lost!

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