Why Spotter Emelie Schuts loves Amsterdam!

Amsterdam Spotter - Emelie Schuts

Amsterdam Spotter – Emelie Schuts

A 23 year old Medical Student at the University of Amsterdam, responding to the name Emelie, that’s me!

I spend my days studying, hanging out with friends & biking through the city. Born and raised in the best neighborhood of Amsterdam, the Jordaan. I try to hide my accent but unfortunately people notice pretty quickly that I have Amsterdam blood running through my veins.

I love to travel and see the world, especially the bigger cities. I take advantage of every opportunity I get to get on a plane/bus/train to an unknown destination. I have even set out a goal for myself to have seen 25 capitals in Europe before I turn 25. Currently my list is up to 23 so I think my chances of reaching the 25th are quite good. You might wonder what I will do after hitting the magical number 25? I’ll probably take up 30 capitals before I turn 30 haha. Let’s just say it keeps my traveler’s spirit going and it causes me to often catch myself spending endless hours on skyscanner looking at my next destination.

Whenever I travel it’s always a challenge to avoid tourist traps and explore as the locals do. That’s exactly the reason why I want to share my city with other travelers and let them see and experience Amsterdam the way I have been doing for 23 years (and counting..).

Amsterdam. The place I grew up, the place I still live in and the place I will never leave behind. A city that never gets dull, that never sleeps and that keeps on surprising me day after day. There is so much you can do and so much you can see, one lifetime just isn’t enough!

Grab a bike (if you dare…) and get terribly lost making your way through all the crooked streets. Order a beer and sit next to the oldest person in a bar and be mind blown by all the stories they have to tell you about living in this crazy city. Visit during Queensday (or should we start calling it Kingsday from now on?) and watch the city and its people turn over-the-top orange. Eat, drink and be merry!

I love to travel and see other places but it’s never a pity coming home to a city like this. And believe it or not but every time I discover something new, whether it’s a cozy cafe or a secret garden, I fall in love with this fabulous city all over again.

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