Interview with Emiliano Durante (Rome Spotter)

Today we have an interview with Emiliano Durante, Spotter for our Rome cityblog

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
I’m Emiliano, a 25 year old student and I live in Rome. I love travelling, meeting people, having fun and smiling! I’m nice and easygoing person, I’m curious about life and I love to observe the world around me.

Why Rome?
Rome is Rome! I quote what the greatest Italian actor (Alberto Sordi) replied to a question: “Why I never go on holiday? I live in Rome, other people have to come here on holiday!” To decide just one thing to do in Rome it’s very hard,but I suggest to follow your instinct: if you have romantic soul,go to see Rome by night from Gianicolo or S.Peter dome from the hole of the door on Aventino hill; if you feel like a soldier, visit the colosseum,etc..

Which prejudices about Rome are true? Which ones are not?
True: Rome is chaotic,there is a lot of traffic jams,people is lazy,you don’t have enough time to visit all the monuments,it’s the most difficult place where to cross the street (also where and when is allowed).

False: gladiators didn’t fight against animals!

What is the most popular neighborhood to live in Rome at this moment?
I think it’s Rione Monti, that is also my favourite area of Rome. This area is around Via Cavour,it’s very close to the Colosseum and it preserve it’s roman side despite of it’s very touristic. I love to walk in the narrow streets of the area: they are very romantic and in some of them it’s very easy to run into particular and fascinating panoramic views that would be the favourite matter for a painter.

Can you describe a perfect day in your city?
I propose a perfect day during summer. In the morning, let’s take the scooter and go have breakfast in one of the bar around the Parliament; then go walking in the city center to get lost in the narrow streets of the city;around lunch ,go to one of the many food shops and buy “rosetta” (typical roman bread) and fill it in with typical Italian salami, hams and cheese…come back to the scooter, and go in one of the many parks of the city to enjoy the panorama…

After lunch, and after another coffee, go into one of the one thousand beautiful churches of Rome. 2 great things about it: you visit an interesting place, and in the meantime you get refreshed and avoid the warm weather of Rome during summer… Then shop in one of the fashion streets of Rome; I suggest Via del Corso or Via Cola di Rienzo…

Around 7, what’s better than an aperitivo? So go to Trastevere or Campo de’ Fiori, take a table and start to drink something to get relaxed…. For dinner, I think “L’insalata ricca” is wise idea because you can eat fresh and good salads and feel light at the same time…and after dinner,enjoy the amazing roman nightlife with a drink at Cuccagna and then a night spent clubbing at La Maison

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