¿Eres residente de la Ciudad de México y te gustaría compartir tu cultura con el mundo? Join us!

Are you a proud resident of Mexico City who loves to travel and share your culture with others? Then we have the perfect opportunity for you! Spotted by Locals is currently looking for passionate and knowledgeable locals like yourself to become Spotters for our popular travel guide.

As a Spotter, you’ll have the chance to share your insider tips and recommendations for the best local places to eat, drink, and visit in Mexico City. Not only will you be helping visitors discover the true essence of your city, but you’ll also get to share your love of travel with our global community. Apply now and let us help you share your love of Mexico City with the world!

Meet Our Mexico City Spotters

Meet our local Spotters in Mexico City! Carolina, Mariana, Ana, Maria, Rafael, Cris and Andrea are all proud residents of Mexico City, who are passionate about their city and love to share their culture with others. They are part of our team of Spotters, who are responsible for sharing their insider knowledge of the best local places to visit and experience in their city.

Being a Spotter is not just a great opportunity to share the love of their city, but also to be part of a community of Spotters from 82 different cities around the world. Our Spotters are the heart and soul of Spotted by Locals, and they are dedicated to helping visitors discover the true essence of Mexico City, by sharing their personal recommendations and experiences. Thank you Carolina, Mariana, Ana, Maria, Rafael, Cris, and Andrea for being part of our team!

Carolina Caballero

“Mexico City is one of the biggest cities in the world. Thus, there is always something to do or try. Whether you go to a new restaurant, cultural event, party or concert, one can never get bored in Mexico City. One thing I personally love–and think many take for granted–is its weather. It is regularly mild, so you can walk around with just jeans and a t-shirt. Mexico City has been my home for more than 23 years and although I love discovering new places around the world, I know I will never find a place like it.”

Mariana Gonzalez Nuñez

“My biggest passion is traveling; for this reason, I am a travel designer and consultant. I enjoy meeting new people and different cultures and offer them my best recommendations around the world. I have lived in 3 different countries apart from Mexico and traveled all over. Still, my favorite place of all is Mexico.”

Ana Cris Chávez

“I am a tour-guide and Spanish teacher in Mexico City. This allows me to do what I love the most: sharing the culture of the city I grew up in.  Why I love my city? Once a capital of a great empire, the first big western city in America, and refuge for intellectuals from all over the world, it is hard not to be in love with this city.”

Maria Fernanda Garcia

“I love Mexico City because is the city of chance. Just like all big cities, anything can happen here. You can always find someone or something in the street. It’s so big that you feel that the possibilities are infinite and there’s always a person or place you can meet. It has the beauty of a monster and you have to figure it out.”

Rafael Murrieta

“I am a life learner and lover. I just finished my medical doctor social service and will continue on a specialty soon, but for now, dealing with death in my profession helps me keep in mind that we have to live each day as the last, because we certainly never know.

I try not to waste so much time doing things that do not nourish me spiritually, emotionally, intellectually or in a healthy way. Time goes by so fast that it’s a shame to waste it. I also worry about the planet and our impact on the Earth, so I try to pollute less, recycle more and use our natural resources better.”

Cris Guasch

“I am a communicator from Mexico City that believes that kind words should be used as often as possible. People, places, yellow color, cats, gifs, ice-cream and entrepreneurship are some of the stuff that make me smile.Why I love Mexico City? There are stories, lights and colors in every corner. How could I not love Mexico City?”

Andrea Maldonado

“Tea lover, blogger and entrepreneur, I love having fun and relaxed times. My passions include reading, writing, afternoons of tea and having awesome desserts.Why Mexico City? I love Mexico City because it’s a kaleidoscope of unique sounds, colors and flavors. Mexico has the special characteristic that you can never know everything, so exploring new places and experiences keeps it interesting every day”

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