13 Local Summer Bars in Europe to Visit Now

The only thing better than a long, sunny day in Europe is the perfect summer bar. Everybody needs some cooling off when it starts to heat up outside.

Whether you’re drinking al fresco in the north or beating the heat in the south, here are some of the best bars in Europe to visit this summer. Cheers!

Amsterdam – Roest

Amsterdam Roest (by @amsterdamroest)

The Dutch word for rust, Roest Amsterdam is appropriately named given its location in the industrial Oostenburg section of the city. Surrounded by old warehouses, Roest brought in sand, DJs, and cocktails, giving the locals a reason to head east to this buzzy canal-side bar. And it has to be a good reason, as it became a favorite hangout among locals like our Spotter, Kara!

Antwerp – Bar Paniek

Bar Paniek Antwerp bars

Bar Paniek (by Bar Paniek)

What’s more refreshing during summer than a bar next to the water? A bar next to the water with loads and loads of plants. And great drinks at democratic prices. That’s where Bar Paniek in Antwerp comes to the rescue. No tourists, only locals; including our spotter Petra – who wholeheartedly loves this place, calling it one of her favourite summer hangouts.

Bern – Raum und Zeit

Raum und Zeit (by @Liebefeldpark)

Raum und Zeit in Bern (Space and Time) is a former shipping container turned into a hip open-air bar. The bar itself serves some great snacks and summery drinks, but what our Spotter Sebastian loves most about it is the location. Raum und Zeit is located in the Liebefeld (Field of Love) park, where you will find quite a few wonderful sculptures and a lot of green space. What makes it even better is that it’s also right next to an artificial duck pond – all in all, it’s a great environment to hang out in the summer!

Chișinău – ATU Vineyard

Atu vineyard Chisinau (by Igor Socolov)

What many people don’t know: Moldova produces some of the best wines in Europe. You can taste them fresh from the vineyard in Chisinau, at ATU urban winery! Here you can get a tour of the winery, explaining the process and features of wine-making, and after that try the whole range of ATU wines. A perfect summer activity!

Copenhagen – Kontiki

Kontik Bar (by @kontikibarholmen)

Located on Ellen, a 1933 house boat overlooking the Copenhagen harbor, Kontiki is our Spotter Stefan’s “number one favorite summer spot”. Several unique first-come, first-serve pop-up dinners are held throughout the year, while the bar is open all day during the summer. And it makes for an absolutely fantastic summer experience!

Florence – Empireo

Empireo (by @PlazaHotelLucchesi)

Empireo is a rooftop bar that is only open during the summer, and it is located atop Hotel Plaza Lucchesi. Knowing that, you might assume that it is only open to the hotel’s guests (and so do many of the locals), however, the truth is that anyone can enjoy a wonderful night here as long as they’ve made a reservation. According to our Spotter Kristina, the highlight here is definitely the view – one of the best views of the city of Florence. Fair warning though, you should know that the pool is for the exclusive use of the hotel’s guests.

London – Tamesis Dock

Tamesis Dock London bars

Tamesis Dock (by @tamesisdock)

A converted ’30s barge moored on the Thames, Tamesis Dock is a permanent floating pub. Located between Lambeth and Vauxhall Bridge, the spot serves food, drinks (Camden Pale Ale and Bitburger being our Spotter Josh’s personal recommendations), and weekend brunch, not to mention free Wi-Fi. Come with your sea legs – “although the river current is only mild, things feel a lot more wobbly” after a few drinks.

Moscow – Strelka Bar

Strelka Bar Moscow Summer Bars

Strelka Bar (by @barstrelka)

How does the combination of an art center and a bar sound to you? Good? Well, Strelka Bar in Moscow is the perfect spot for you. It’s both possible to just head over for a drink and to attend an event or party. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for event updates. Artistic vibes are guaranteed. Oh, and don’t miss the terrace on the top of the building – our Spotter Andrey’s favorite part.

Paris – Paname Brewing Company

Paname Brewing Company Paris summer bars

Paname Brewing Company (by Paname Brewing Company)

Not even Paris can escape the craft beer craze. The Paname Brewing Company, with its “enviable location next to a canal,” is an ideal summer bar in Paris. Of course, the brewery mixes modern techniques with traditional brewing methods, making this spot’s offering uniquely French. While you’re in the area, our Spotter Adam would recommend taking a ride along the canal to Meaux!

Porto – Base

Base Porto (from @baseporto)

Located in the historical center of Porto, in the middle of a big garden, Base is the perfect open-air bar to visit in the summer – as well as one of our Spotter Rúben’s favorites. The open concept means you can have your drink (which can be a cocktail, wine, beer, cider, or even coffee) wherever you want, either close to the bar itself or sitting in the garden. This is a great place to chill with your friends or make new friends… perhaps even furry ones (as the bar is extremely dog-friendly!).

Rijeka – BAR BAR

Rijeka (by @barbar.rijeka)

BAR BAR is a place that locals really love, particularly for its ambiance and friendly staff. Whether you’re looking for tapas, pre-drinks, or just want a nice spot to listen to music and chat with your friends, this is the place to go. It is so popular, in fact, that our Spotter Iva highly recommends making a reservation in advance, as the outside area can get quite crowded on summer nights!

Rome – Fischio

Fischio (by @fischiolosingtimebar)

Fischio is a casual open bar that locals (including our Spotter Miranda) absolutely love. In and of itself, it is not exactly anything to write home about, but its simplicity is what makes it so wonderful. It’s got a relaxed atmosphere, with extremely nice and friendly staff, who will serve you some wonderful cocktails, beer, and organic wines – everything you need for a spot to visit every morning!

Zurich – Zum Frischen Max

Zum Frischen Max (by @zumfrischenmax)

Zum Frischen Max has no novel concept, but the execution is where it shines – according to our Spotter Ajuni. Its location is extremely convenient, and everything about it is summery; the decor consists of tipi tents, fairy lights, huge potted plants, and sun loungers, while the drinks and food menu are all perfectly chosen for the season. Meet up with your friends at any point in the day and enjoy a nice few pleasant hours here!

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