European destinations to visit this Autumn

Do you want to travel, and would you like to know what the best European city destinations this Autumn are? Well, we’ve got you covered with a list of cities you need to visit in this beautiful season.

Summer is sadly over. However, the travel season is never over. Even though travellers usually prefer to travel in the warmer months, travelling outside of the high season has a lot of perks—sunny and cool weather with mild temperatures, fewer tourists, fewer crowds, and lower prices.

Here are some of the best destinations you must visit in Europe this Autumn.

1. Geneva- Switzerland

Image by Robert Stokoe

Geneva, a city in Switzerland, is known for its magnificent beauty. The shiny blue waters, the breathtaking nature, and the freshness of the air will take your breath away. However, in autumn, it is even more beautiful.

As all the leaves turn golden and orange, combined with the fresh breeze, sitting on a bench with a warm cup of mule wine, and admiring the scenery, is something you will want to do in this beautiful city.

Geneva is rich with activities you and spots you can visit. We have a vast variety of  spots and activities you can do; here is a couple:

Pointe de la Jonction – Where Geneva comes together

Pointe de la Jonction Geneva

Image by András Barta

Lying between the rivers Rhône and Arve, at the foot of a Genevan Energy Services station that would be better suited to house a swiss Bond villain, the Pointe de la Jonction is a calm and beautiful place. It is the exact point where the two rivers in Geneva merge to form only one.

By some black magic (it is more than probable that it is due to the temperature difference between the rivers), the waters of the Rhône and the Arve don’t actually mix for a while after that, so what is left is a brown and green two-tone river that is mesmerizing.

Mount Saleve – Bird’s-eye view of Geneva!

Mount Saleve Geneva

Image by Rahul Jha

If you are in Geneva and pressed for time, go for a quick visit to the top of the nearby hill called Saleve, which is technically in France but jointly managed by Genevan and French authorities.

As you can see in the picture, just as you reach the top of Saleve Mountain, you have this beautiful cafe on arrival from where you have a panoramic view of Geneva. You can still view the magical fountain Jet d’éau from afar, albeit smaller than the usual dimensions you get used to seeing while living in the city.

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2. Turin- Italy

Tesoriera Villa and Park Turin

Image by Tatiana Bazzi

Turin, a city in Italy, is a perfect destination for the autumn season. This place is for you if you still want to enjoy summerish vibes. September-October, in Turin, usually has nice warm temperatures. November weather is a bit on the cold end but nothing extreme, just a little wet.

The Autumn season in Turin comes with a lot of cultural activities. The city comes alive with art and culture. Moreover, for food enthusiasts, some special types of truffles only bloom this season, which Turin restaurants happily incorporate into their dishes.

Here are a couple of spots you must go to if you visit Turin:

Galleria Subalpina – Hidden in plain sight

Galleria Subalpina Turin

Image by Chiara Pillon

Galleria Subalpina is a really attractive place set in between Piazza Castello, Via Cesare Battisti and Piazza Carlo Alberto (where you can see the other face of Palazzo Carignano, the Renascimental Museum).

Here you can find the most ancient Turinese cinema, mentioned above (Cinema Romano), one of the historical cafes of the city (Baratti e Milano), a fancy restaurant, a flower shop, an antique dealer, a glasses shop and an old, well-known bookshop.

Scannabue – Good taste

Scannabue Turin

Image by Eleonora Diana

Scannabue. What can be said about this place… it’s perfect!

The restaurant cooks and prepares all that is on the menu; they start with the bread, leavened perfectly with coarse salt on top; the meats are all from mountain cows fed only grass.

first courses consist mainly of rice and stuffed pasta, rigorously prepared by the mother of the chef;
the sweets are soft and warm, and finally, the drinks… the drinks are like a tasting party; you can have a multitude of flavours in your mouth that gives an extra point to your meal.

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3. Florence- Italy

Image by Josh Hild

Visiting Florence in Autumn is probably one of the best times to explore this beautiful city. with fewer crowds, warm temperatures, and vibrant colours, you’ll have all the space and serenity to explore around town.

Not to forget, autumn is wine season. This means you’ll get to experience harvest season and first-hand taste local wines at the various local vineyards.

Mercato di Piazza Tasso – A weekly farmers’ market

Mercato di Piazza Tasso Florence

Image by Vera Rodriguez

A local favourite weekly appointment in Florence is the Friday-night market in Piazza Tasso. From 16:00 – 19:00, you will find a meeting of Clandestino genuino (genuine clandestine) farmers and artisans in the piazza — sharing and selling the products they make.

Some of the favourite items include; the pizza from Fattoria Mondeggi, wine from Giovanni (look out for his rosè in the summer months, it’s limited edition!), fresh and aged pecorino, as well as ricotta, sourdough bread, local herbs and honey, and body care products like moisturizing creams and handmade soap.

Serre Torrigiani – A bistrot in a private garden

Serre Torrigiani Florence

Image by Laura Scala

Serre Torrigiani is a private garden that hosts a bar and a Bistrot. The garden is part of the estate of one of the oldest aristocratic families of Florence, the Torrigiani. Indeed, the Torrigiani family still lives in the villa inside the garden and manages the Bistrot.

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4. Munich- Germany

Image by Pixabay

Contrary to the warm temperatures in Florence, visiting Munich in Autumn will not be friendly. However, the scenery will greatly compensate for the lack of heat!

Munich is known for its beautiful nature. And in autumn, nature will explode with many beautiful colours, making it nearly impossible to take your eyes away from it.

Moreover, many people visit Munich in September/October for an obvious reason, Oktoberfest! However, Oktoberfest is not the only event happening in Munich, there are a lot of alternatives if you wish to stay away from the crowds and prefer a more intimate experience.

Perlach Forest – Nature for every season

Perlach Forest Munich

Image by Chloe Templeton

Many of us crave the outdoors, whether sandy beaches, snow-peaked mountains or jumping in the local watering hole.

But in the city, where to with nature? Sure, many people in Munich take a day trip in the mountains, and yes, it is beautiful there, but I have a secret for you: Perlach Forest.

Zum Flaucher – Bavarian Biergarten tradition

Zum Flaucher Munich

Image by Chloe Templeton

If you have never really been to a Biergarten before, Zum Flaucher is the perfect place for you.

It has music, space, a good selection of traditional foods, shade and sunshine, and it is located away from traffic. Zum Flaucher really encompasses all there is to a Biergarten visit.

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5. Amsterdam- The Netherlands

Image by Liam Gant

Almost like Munich, the weather in Amsterdam will not be the warmest. However, the sunny days combined with the fresh breeze are quite refreshing!

Autumn is a perfect time to visit Amsterdam. Museums will be less crowded, and the beautiful streets next to the canals will give you the sense of serenity you so crave.

Lokaal van de Stad – sunset canal spot

Lokaal van de Stad Amsterdam

Image by Olya Kartcheva

Lokaal van de Stad in Amsterdam is a truly magical place around sunset, overlooking a wide canal called the Westlandgracht, which marks the border between the Nieuw-West and Zuid neighbourhoods.

Come here on warm and sunny days to enjoy a local beer (they have a wide selection, a local favourite is the Funky Falcon from the Amsterdam brewery Two Chefs) and a hummus pita platter with friends.

However, you can also enjoy one of the many lunch or dinner meals. As a romantic person, what makes it special is the small terrace overlooking a wide canal, which is the perfect place to chill outside Amsterdam’s busy and central parts.

Flevopark – Hidden gem of a park

Flevopark Amsterdam

Image by Kristel van Pinxten

Flevopark, a park, thank the Lord, that’s not as busy as Vondelpark. In these times, this is the perfect park.

It is less crowded, and you can sit here without worrying about people sitting within one meter of you.

Also, one of the plus sides of this park is you can barbeque wherever you want. Next to being allowed to barbeque freely, this park is also perfect for dogs. The fields are huge, and your dog can roam free here. If you have a dog, this is definitely a park for you.

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