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Image by Jason Howie

Image by Jason Howie

A good management of the social media channels is paramount in the expansion process of a company – we from Spotted by Locals know it very well!

We are trying to give their best to provide readers and fans with the opportunity to follow their news and initiatives on a number of different platforms. Our aim is to spread our vision of an alternative form of travel, that allows for a more in-depth understanding of the varied and colourful local realities that make the world the special place is it – and thanks to the constant effort we are putting in implementing our channels we are gathering an always increasing amount of followers and readers!

Want to hear some reasons why you should follow us, and where? Here you go!

We keep experimenting and evolving

Spotted by Locals is active on different social media channels. Since the very beginning we’ve been exploring the possibilities offered by different platforms and how they could convey our news in the best way.

Our company blog  has recently featured an article advertising our brand-new profile on Flipboard. We are basically now giving you the chance to get trough our tips on the 60+ cities we cover in an even more appealing and easy way – As Flipboard allows for a magazine-style arrangement of the news. Not acquainted yet with Flipboard? Start now by following us on, reading our news has never been that easy and fun!

We constantly update you on any news

Not so confident in browsing through new channels? Not to worry. Spotted by Locals boasts a strong presence on Google+ and Facebook too. And, in case Facebook is not your thing, you can follow us on Twitter as well! Spotted by Locals owes a big part of its success to this channels – check them out, and you’ll see that they will provide you with anything you need to know about what we are doing and what our new projects are.

Discover what are the most recent suggestions of our Spotters; read about the last trips of Bart and Sanne around Europe and scroll our top 10 lists; want to know how to apply to become a spotter and the next cities we would like to focus on? We have that too.

Oh, and since we are quite popular among tourists and travellers, how could we not be present on Foursquare too?

We have a great photo database

We are not done yet. We starkly believe that travelling is done right if it stimulates all the five senses, but we also know that images, picture – basically anything that our eyes can record – has the first great impact. Want to see how our Spotters and bloggers see our travel destinations? Follow us on Instagram and Pinterest, our photos will further tempt you to book a flight ticket!

Whatever you favourite social media channels are, we think we have given you enough options and good reasons to follow us and our updates, no excuses now! :)

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