Help Combat Overtourism in 2020 by Going… Elsewhere!

Snowmen – by N. Henriksen

In more and more cities tourism is causing problems for locals and the environment. We’ve written a few articles about overtourism on this blog. Since 2018, we’ve only launched guides to cities that could actually use more tourism. These cities are often just as beautiful and interesting! Spending your tourist dollars in countries where the local economy could use them well, and knowing you will help local entrepreneurs gives you a nice feeling too!

Here’s some highly recommended cities in Europe and the Middle East you probably hadn’t thought of visiting in 2020…

But if you happen to visit a more “touristy” city in 2020, don’t worry… You don’t have to feel guilty if you use Spotted by Locals! Our 480 Spotters in 79 cities recommend spots tourists usually don’t see – often outside of the touristy center.

Whatever you do, we wish you happy travels in 2020 from our community!

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