Hitlist – Flying on a budget made easy

Hitlist is our new lifesaver when it comes to affordable flights. The app has different ways to help you select your tickets on a budget, depending on what you prefer. No more sleepless nights looking for that needle in a haystack. Just sit back and get notified whenever an interesting fare comes up.

Everyone who flies a lot knows the struggle. Why is it so difficult to find cheap flights and why does it seem like airlines don’t apply any logic to their fares at all? We just want to be able to book a ticket, take that plane and be where we want to be. That’s where Hitlist comes to use.

First of all, you can indicate the destinations you’ve already been to. Which is quite interesting. You get a sum of how many places you’ve visited and what percentage of the world they represent. After that, you get to build a little wishlist. Which countries do you want to visit? Again, with numbers and a percentage.

Hitlist app  Hitlist flight app

Looking for a specific destination? Just insert as many as you want and Hitlist will send you a notification whenever a deal comes up. You also immediately get an overview of the cheapest fares at the moment.

Looking for a trip? Hitlist makes a selection for you, based on where you want to travel or when you want to travel. It gives you the best rates and you can save your trip. If a more affordable rate comes up, you’ll get a notification.

Of course, it’s also possible to just explore all the different possibilities. There’s a gigantic load of inspiration available and Hitlist suggests tons of different trips. That way, you never run out of ideas. Wait but, is that even possible when we’re talking about traveling?

As you may have noticed, we’re a fan of Hitlist. Get the app (iOS, Android) if you’re interested in cheap flights! If you’ve decided on where you want to go, don’t forget to check our 71 city blogs by Spotters on the app or website!

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