My Internship at Spotted by Locals

Hi! I’m Insen. I’m originally from Brussels, but I hope to move out from Belgium as soon as I get the chance. I’m currently wrapping up my internship at Spotted By Locals. It’s a sad and exciting moment. Sad, because I’m leaving an amazing learning opportunity behind. Exciting because afterward, I’ll finally step into the young graduate world.

I’ll graduate in about a month. It’s been a bumpy ride to get to this point. I hopped from mayor to mayor for a couple of years until I finally settled down into my current one: tourism and recreational management. And even then, I was not sure whether this was what I wanted to do. My passion for social media marketing and management slowly started to take over my love for travel and tourism and when it was time to look for our final internship, I was more confused than ever. Until I came across Spotted By Locals. It combined everything that I loved! I could use what I knew about the travel industry to fuel my love of social media, it seemed perfect!

So, I applied, got the job, and then needed to wait for 4 months before I could start (which was really sad). I’ll never forget my first day. Bart (co-founder) did not hold back. He immediately trusted me to write a whole article that needed to be sent out the next day!

What I love most about this Internship is that Bart will encourage you to dive deep into what you are good at while coaching you through the things that are less easy. I’ve been able to experiment more with graphic design and I’ve been able to really put my knowledge about social media into practice. I’ve devolved new templates, new strategies and even started up our Pinterest account again! To able to really show what I’m good at is just so fun and motivating. But I’ve also made a whole lot of mistakes and ran into a very hard wall sometimes. I had to learn that there are things that I’m not so good at, like time management or handling stress. Not every day was an easy walk in the park, but those are also the days that you learn the most!

In the end, I really loved my time here and I would really recommend this internship to anyone who wants to learn more about copywriting and social media management. It really taught me a whole lot! Not only about the work I did, but also about myself. I may even have found some direction in my life!

Interested in an internship at Spotted by Locals this summer? More information here.

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