Interview with Jana Kneschke (Prague Spotter)


Today an interview with Jana Kneschke, Spotter for our Prague cityblog. We met Jana on a river-side boat in 2009 when visiting Prague for the second time for Spotted by Locals.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
A living being with immense interest about what is going on around me, with a strong desire for beauty. As we know, beauty can be expressed in many ways: flickering light on water on a lazy summer evening, some train hustling across a railway bridge, a soft cat paw gently touching my shoulder, factory ruins or a pair of extraodinary shoes. Hm, I am pretty romantic, am I not? :)

How do you like being a Spotter?
I do like being a Spotter – because of two reasons: I love Prague and I love writing. So being a Spotter means joing these two. And if my articles will help those who lost their hearts somewhere in the unpredictable streets of this city – I can be only pleased. And I was, when I met one guy from Germany – thanks to this website. It was unexpectedly nice meeting. Till then the image of my readers was based only on fantasy – now I know that it was pretty precise. So I hope there is a lot more of you :)

Why Prague?
Because she is under my skin, deep down in my soul. If you really want to get to know this city, then:

DO: Walk without a map – just take the streets you like. Have a drink by the river, when the sun is setting down behind the Castle. Then walk the Castle and Charles Bridge at 15:00. Try to learn at least „dobrý den“, „nashledanou“, „dekuji“ and „prosím“ (hello, goodbye, thank you, please). People will like you much more. Let older people and pregnant women sit down in the metro or on trams and busses – it is polite.

DON’T: Show off. Be loud. Wear the same t-shirt as the other 20 members of your group. Throw waste. But I hope none of you belong to these.

What do you know about Prague what no tourist will know?
The flow of time. Just a tiny change in the season and the sounds are more flat – the summer is definitely coming. Or sharp autumn light, that appears one summer evening and the cold from the river bites my bare legs. The first crispness of the air which announces the winter.

What is the most popular neighborhood to live in Prague at this moment?
I think Žižkov still holds it’s own, despite that it was almost taken over by Americans, there is still a highest number of bars per meter square. And you can even go for a walk there – to the extraordinary monument at Vítkov.

Can you describe a perfect day in your city?
Sunny and hot and longer than 24 hours. So we have time for a decent brunch in Savoy. Then we take stroll down to Kampa, through Malá Strana up the hill to Panna Maria v Exilu. Or take the funicular :)

On the way up we can get a bottle of wine with some glasses. Why not sit in among the trees and gaze on the Prague panorama with some decency? A light meal at Malý Buddha and then walk through Jelení príkop back down into the city. Go back home and have siesta.

Then go for another walk and maybe a drink by the riverside, before going to some club, some good music. Cross club has a nice garden. Meetfacory has too. And then? It is probably morning again and another siesta, and then time for brunch with a good book…

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