Just launched: Spotted by Locals Cairo!

Cairo (by Flicts)

We just our 3rd city guide to the Middle East. And what a city! One of the biggest cities in the world (the biggest in our network with a bang!) and a cradle of civilization… We proudly present Spotted by Locals Cairo!

Our Cairo Spotters Ahmed, Marianne, Olfat, Osama & Rym have done an outstanding job writing about some of their favorite spots in the city. Just a few examples:

  • Sayad Hanafy Koshary – the best non-touristy place for the most Egyptian dish there is (according to Marianne – we’re sure there is a of heated debate!).
  • Bayt al Sinnari – one of the oldest houses in Cairo now used as a cultural center (spotted by Osama)
  • Wadi Degla Protectorate – An 8km2 piece of nature without cell phone reception that ” You walk in feeling heavy and walk out shining with light” according to Rym
  • Obet Al-Ghori – a hidden underrated historic complex with traditional spiritual performances (Tanoora) not yet discovered by travelers according to Olfat
  • Farahat Restaurant – THE place to try stuffed pigeons (says pigeon lover Ahmed)

Cities like Amsterdam and Barcelona are suffering from too many tourists, while cities like Cairo are getting fewer tourists in the last years. We’re expanding to motivate you to visit these cities to help combat overtourism, but also to make the world a better place: spending your dollars with local entrepreneurs in Egypt can really make a difference to Egyptians, and making contact with locals in a country you haven’t visited yet is a great way to help make this world a bit friendlier.

We’ll be visiting Cairo this week, to meet our Spotters and check out their amazing  spots. Cairo is such a huge city that we could definitely use a few more Spotters. Do you know anybody there we should meet? Send them over to https://www.spottedbylocals.com/cairo/spotter/ please!

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