Spotted by Locals Cologne!

Spotted by Locals Cologne

We just launched a new beautiful blog, for one of the largest & liveliest German cities: check out Spotted by Locals Cologne!

Out of a very long list of locals from Cologne (Köln) who have been contacting us in the last few years  (more about that later in this article…) we have selected the cream of the crop. Our Cologne locals Julia, Mathias, Micha & Tim have written about some of the coolest spots in Cologne they like to visit, tips you won’t find in the regular guidebooks…

Le Pop Cologne (by SARI TANUHARDJA)

Le Pop Cologne (by SARI TANUHARDJA)

How about:

  • Le Pop Lingerie: a lingerie shop with a bath tub and regular concerts!? (spotted by Julia)
  • Odonien – a mix of a social center, arts center, scrapyard, outdoor atelier, cultural centre….
  • A do it yourself Cologne “urban hiking” tour – created by urbanist and Spotter Micha
  • Pflanzstelle – an urban gardening project where you can have free food with locals each Friday (spotted by Tim)
Urban hiking tour (by Micha Becker)

Urban hiking tour (by Micha Becker)

Cologne has been on our “definitely have to start a blog for that city ever since we started”. But truth be told: as we already had 4 German cities on our list we weren’t originally planning to launch the Cologne blog in 2014. We got so many applications from passionate Cologne locals though, we just had to start it earlier!

So, we’re definitely not immune to a bit of pressure ;) If you want to start a Spotted by Locals for your city, gather your friends and apply here!

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