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Mariinksy Park Kiev (by Mariia Kashpur)

Mariinksy Park Kiev (by Mariia Kashpur)

It was about time… one of the biggest cities in Europe is now covered by 4 lovely Spotters! We are very proud to present to you Anton, Mariia, Olena & Yuliya’s Spotted by Locals Kiev!

Mysteskyi Arsenal Kiev (by Yuliya Tutova)

Mysteskyi Arsenal Kiev (by Yuliya Tutova)

No tourist highlights, this is where you find out where locals in Kiev go, and what they do. A few examples:

  • Kiev has top notch clothing designers. Check Syndicate or Pure Shop for high quality original “made in Ukraine” clothing.
  • A hearty lunch with the locals for less than Euro 2? Get it at Puzata Hata!
  • One Love Espresso Bar is a new place you won’t find in your guide book. Great coffee, and a good spot to get some work done and meet some Kiev workaholics
  • Mysteskyi Arsenal – A very active nerve center for the art loving Kiev locals (see above)
  • Glintveynia – THE place to get your hot wine (see below)!
Glintveynia (by Dima Romas)

Glintveynia (by Dima Romas)

Are you a Kiev local, and want to share your love for your city by writing about and taking pictures of your favorite spots? Join our team and become a Kiev Spotter!

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