Our 67th city guide: Mexico City!

Local Mexico City skaters (by sarihuella)

Local Mexico City skaters (by sarihuella)

The last years we received so many Spotter applications from the most populous city in North America…  It was more than about time, and we are super excited to finally announce the launch of our Mexico City guide !

Our Spotters Armando, Paty, Tania, Tere & Tomás – the cream of the crop of the many applicants of course – have written about their favorite spots in a variety of neighborhoods and categories. Some of the fantastic spots we can’t wait to check out:

  • La Botica – a great place to sample an excellent mescal amongst locals. Includes a welcome warning by Tere to blend in with the locals and survive: mescal is stronger than tequila, so you’re supposed to take it slow and not drink the glass all at once.
  • Tacos Lolita – every local has its favorite taco joint. This is Armando’s. It also serves tacos with brain & eyeballs!
  • Ex Teresa Art Actual – Tania loves this museum. At this moment they’re displaying a 250 year old 3.3 tons meteorite!
  • Mercado de Sonora – The weirdest of the many markets Tomás loves in his city: a market for black magic & witchcraft…
  • Common People – A shop with original locally manufactured products that Patty recommends. So much better than the souvenir shops in the tourist center.
Mercado de Sonora (by Tomás Freire)

Mercado de Sonora (by Tomás Freire)

The Mexico City guide will be available in our Android & iPhone app in a few days (we’re waiting for approval from Apple). Why get the guide on your phone while you can read all tips for free on the Mexico city blog? The app has an offline map with all spots, you can save your favorites, see which spots are nearby and navigate offline.

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