Just launched: Spotted by Locals The Hague!

Haagse Toren viewpoint (by Jenny Huttinga)

Since we started Spotted by Locals in 2008, locals from The Hague  have been trying to convince us to start a Spotted by Locals for their city. With good reason! The Hague is the seat of the Dutch parliament, home to the U.N.’s International Court of Justice &  International Criminal Court and perhaps the most international city in The Netherlands. It’s not that we needed convincing – we just didn’t have the time and resources…

In the last years we’ve built up a nice relationship with the forward thinking tourist board of the Hague, who helped us finally make it happen financially by doing an advertising campaign to promote their city coordinated with the launch of (100% independent) Spotted by Locals The Hague. You’ll see The Hague all over Spotted by Locals in May :)

Hofvijver Island (by Jenny Huttinga)

We are very proud of this one and of our Spotters! Jenny, Jorinde, Hannah, Helen & Marieke shared so many hidden gems visitors that are off the beaten path, and even unknown to many locals. A few examples of our locals’ favorite spots:

  • Museum Voorlinde – a new museum for contemporary art hidden in the forests
  • Dungelmann – THE place to eat a Dutch ‘kroket’, perhaps in the entire country…
  • Utopie – a living-work community and former squatter stronghold housed in a major 1907 school building.
  • Het Kleinste Winkeltje – slightly bigger than a door opening, a tiny kiosk serving the best fries!
  • Bierproeffestival- a beer tasting festival in a church! (16th to 18th of May)

Check out Spotted by Locals The Hague and the great Denhaag.com for the latest events, major sights and personal WhatsApp support (!).

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