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Spotted By Locals
November 12, 2015
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Turin – by Dario Dalla Zuana

We launched a city guide for another beautiful, dynamic and historically very important city in Italy – check out Spotted by Locals Turin! Since organizing the Olympic games in 2006, this city has transformed itself rapidly from an industrial city to a very lively city with an abundance of culture.

Our 6 Torinese Spotters would love you to explore their city like they do, and visit their local favorites. A little sample…

  • Fonderie Limone – one of the many Turin industrial buildings turned into a culture powerhouse, but a one of the coolest!
  • Les Arcades – the only place in Turin (the world?) where you get the infamous “Tamango” cocktail – the recipe is a secret, but it may be the best cocktail in the world…
  • Casa del QuartiereSanSalvario – a bar, an open air cinema, and a concert venue in a former public bath!
  • Floris House Cafe – A difficult to find exclusive coffee house, bar and shop, which (partly to make it even more difficult to find perhaps?) changes its decorations every month
  • Borgo San Paolo – A neighborhood that many tourists skip, but this is where you can find the real soul of Turin…
  • Meroni’s commemmorative plaque – get to know one of Turin’s most famous football players.

The Turin app will be available in a few weeks. In the meantime, enjoy our free online city guide!


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