Lebowski Bars Around the World

Originally the movie The Big Lebowski was a box office disappointment. Since then though, this movie filmed in Los Angeles become a cult classic, famous for its quotes, the White Russians and the soundtrack. There’s even a Church of The Latter day Dude (your answer for everything) where you can get ordained as a “Dudist” priest.

The cult classic and its signature White Russian have crossed over into bars. Try out a White Russian at a Lebowski near you, because we’re pretty sure the bars are popping up everywhere!

Lebowski Bar – Dresden

Lebowski Bar Dresden (by hey-dresden.de)

In Dresden, you can find Lebowski bar, a cozy Lebowski-themed bar (duh). They have a great vibe, music and very lovely staff. Don’t forget to try the White Russian when visiting!

Lebowskis – Edinburgh

Lebowskis, Edinburgh (by Stu Anderson)

In Lebowskis (spotted by our Spotter Stu!) the specialty is, you guessed it: White Russians (expect to hear about this drink much more in the rest of this article). What sets Lebowskis apart is the fact that they actually made a lot of different variations of the White Russian, to spice it up a bit. All their drinks are named after characters from the film! You can also find a Lebowskis in two places in Glasgow, both in the South and the West!

Lebowski Bar – Reykjavik

Lebowski Bar Reykjavik (by Lebowski Bar)

And in Iceland, there’s Lebowski bar Reykjavik. A place with a great The Dude-inspired interior, and amazing drinks!

Grand Café Lebowski – Utrecht

Grand Café Lebowski Utrecht (by Grand Café Lebowski)

The Grand Café Lebowski in Utrecht is a place where Lebowski fans can go for all sorts of activities. Go just for a casual drink (a White Russian of course), have some food or have a party there! They also host fun events like pub quizzes or music bingo, whatever the mood is, this is a place to check out for all Lebowski fans.

Le Dude – Paris

Le Dude Paris (by Le Dude)

In Le Dude the walls are covered with decor inspired by the cult classic. The music is nice, the decor is great and they have a happy hour from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.! And they serve White Russians, obviously.

The Ringer Pub – San Antonio (TX)

The Ringer Pub San Antonio (TX) (by The Ringer Pub)

Apart from a great logo, The Ringer Pub has a great Lebowski vibe going on with amazing decor. They also serve great White Russians (again, duh) and you can bowl your heart away here.

The DUDE Bar – Athens

The DUDE Bar Athens (by The DUDE Bar)

The DUDE Bar in Athens is a quite popular bar, with great vibes and music! A great place to grab a drink if you’re a fan of the Dude Next they have a large variety of hard liquors like gin, vodka and tequila to choose from. A great recipe for a good night out!

Dude Retro Lounge – Bamberg

Dude Retro Lounge Bamberg (by Dude Retro Lounge)

Dude Retro Lounge is a bit of a hidden gem, but it’s well worth a little searching. The decoration screams 70’s, very on brand with the Coen brothers’ masterpiece. Apart from that, there’s a daily happy hour between 20-21 in which you can get White Russians for 3,50!

Lebowski Fest – Possibly a city on your bucket list

Lebowski Fest (by Lebowski Fest)

Now, this spot is a bit different, as it tends to move around quite a bit. But we just had to include it. Lebowski Fest is a two-day festival celebrating everything about the cult classic. Most of the times the festival is found in the US, but it has also been held in places like London and Edinburgh. The Dude himself has even been spotted at the fest! Check out their website to see where the next fest is happening!

Do you know any other Lebowski bars around the world? Let us know via lebowki@spottedbylocals.com Or fuck it, just go bowling.

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