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March 13, 2009
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Linda Nepicks Hamburg

Today we have an interview with Linda Nepicks, Spotter for our  Hamburg cityblog.

We met Linda in Hamburg in September in a very cosy outside terrace Unter den Linden, where Linda told her about herself and her interest in sharing her passion for Hamburg on our Hamburg citblog. We were very impressed by the many travels she has done around the world. As a former travel guide, you can trust her advice!

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
I know Hamburg for about 12, 14 years as two of my best friends from my hometown moved here. Growing up in Düsseldorf with a Danish mother and a German father I always loved cities with a big river – then it was the Rhine now it’s the Elbe. After my studies, “intervals” in Berlin and Bremen and years abroad in Africa and Asia and the Middle East (travelling/ working) I decided to get a bit more settled.

For about six years I have been working for a tour operator, planning and organizing tailor-made-tours. Mainly to South-East Asia and Southern Africa. Last year I discovered “Couchsurfing”, an international free hospitality project for travellers (also see this article on our Corporate website). I hosted and got hosted. And that’s how I fell on love with my boyfriend from Vienna! So now I commute between two beautiful European cities with big rivers and compare on the Spotted by Locals Vienna cityblog what’s going on here and there, concerning my favourite topics – cafes, art, theatre!

What’s live like a Spotter?
I really like spotting. Somehow the city gets more intense again –as if you are travelling in your own city. You try to discover new spots, visit loved ones and wonder how people from abroad would judge about it.

Why Hamburg?
So much water!!! And the Elbe River, the tanker ships, sailing boats etc. let you realize – the ocean is not far!! You definitely need to go down to the river and enjoy the harbour life.

What don’t you like about Hamburg?
What not? – that is difficult to judge. Speaking for myself I am not such a big fan of the posh areas and prefer the rougher parts to the neat and rich areas like Jungfernstieg.

Which prejudice about Hamburg are true? Which are not?
Alas! – maybe it really is raining quite often… Although it turns us into tough cookies we are still friendly and optimistic. So if we seem to be shortspoken – it just means that we are focused on pleading for sun.

How can you impress a local as a tourist?
By not going out on a noisy Friday or Saturday night pub crawl…

What is the most popular neighborhood to live in Hamburg at this moment?
St. Pauli/ Schanze. This neighborhood used to be quite a poor area. Being close to the harbour, the somewhat dingy red-light district and a pretty active drug scene nobody really fancied to live here. That changed massively within the last 5, 6 years. With its good and bad  aspects…Though I think that gentrification is a problem this area still has a lot of charm. Lots of nice old buildings but not “too” neat. Many pubs, cafes and very good and small clothes stores…

Which time of the year you like most in your city and why?
May and July. Sometimes in May the weather is much nicer than in late summer. And people get crazy – you will see how crowded the streets, cafes, parks etc will be as soon as there is sun and the smell of spring in the air.

I think people in Hamburg have a deep passion for standing or sitting outside with a drink. July is great for relaxing on the shores of the river. Where else can you lie on a white sandy beach with huge tanker ships passing by??

If you can only stay for two more days in your city, which Spots would you definitely visit?

  • Jimmy Elsass – A very cosy, special and unagitated place.
  • Saal II –  Long-time favourite. One of the first places I used to drink my coffee in Hamburg, even before I used to live.
  • Landungsbrücken – to say goodbye to the mighty river.

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