London get together

London party – by Steph Wehrle

This weekend of Brexit our ex-Spotter Angelina organized a weekend for former and current Spotters in her new hometown of London . There were attendees from many different cities: Zurich, Hamburg, Berlin, Lisbon, Cologne, Manchester, London, Copenhagen, Vancouver, Vilnius, Krakow, Madrid, Florence, Vienna, Brussels & Rotterdam!

Unfortunately we couldn’t be there ourselves because of other travel plans… But from the pictures we saw (many of them we just couldn’t publish!) and what we read on social media it looked they had SO much fun!

Maya: “I was in the UK with this awesome group of mostly European folks when Brexit happened yesterday. The bar owner made a speech about how he was glad we were there, that he still feels European, and that we’re always welcome in his bar. 😭”

Ajuni: “It doesn‘t get much less Brexit than this! Thanks for organising the ultimate F*** Brexit gathering!”

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