Our North America trip: City 4 – Los Angeles

Meeting our LA Spotters at Griffith Park

Meeting our LA Spotters at Griffith Park

The 4th city on our 11 city North America road trip already: Los Angeles!

Quite a few people are not so fond of Los Angeles. I had the same problem, until we launched our Los Angeles guide and had the opportunity to check out our locals’ favourite spots in 2013. Now, we love it!

In the 48 short hours we had, we drove around quite a bit and saw a bit of everything this amazing city has to offer. We were lucky to have quite a centrally located apartment in the Culver City area, sponsored by apartment rental website Roomorama.

Nature & Spotters

Los Angeles has many great parks, including the world’s biggest municipal park: Griffith Park. It’s just a few minutes drive from downtown, and more than big enough to hike in the weekends and get lost with a bigger chance of running into wildlife than people…

The Cabin Lodge Los Angeles

The Cabin Lodge Los Angeles

We first took a short stop at the very laid back Trails Cafe, and met our Spotters (and our Oslo Spotter Glenn who happened to be in town!) on top of the hill by the Griffith Park Observatory. We found a nice creative way around the “no alcohol” restrictions in all public parks: we refilled our empty soda cans with the nice wine Simone had brought.

Los Angeles Spotters meeting 2

It was quite a drive for all our Spotters – thank you so much for taking the time to meet us guys!

Breakfast & coffee

The LA people love their breakfast. On Saturday morning we had one of the craziest breakfasts ever, in a (from the outside) very unassuming place you would never enter without knowing about it: C&M Cafe.

The infamous B.A.M. at C&M Cafe

The infamous B.A.M. at C&M Cafe

As our Spotter Francesca recommended I had the B.A.M. – a sandwich with egg, sausage, bacon, maple syrup, french toast, bagel, cheese, and probably a lot more stuff I did not recognize. It’s a crazy combination, but it was really good!

In 2013, we had such a relaxing time at one of Amelia’s favorite coffee places: XXXXX Coffee Stand. We were very happy this place was still one of Amelia’s favorites, and just had to go there again… It’s an excellent place to watch the people of Los Angeles and chill out.

Korean food

Korea town in Los Angeles is huge – I think we drove by at least 75 Korean restaurants before ending up at the very best of course… Beverly Soon Tofu Restaurant. Almost everybody in the place was Korean – that’s always a good sign…

Sanne bibimbap

I know a little bit about Korean food, and I can say the sizzling Bi Bim Bap and Tofu soup we had were really outstanding!

Art city Los Angeles

The Annenberg Space for Photography LA

The Annenberg Space for Photography LA

Los Angeles is home to some of the greatest art galleries and museums on the planet – many of them with free exhibitions. We opted for the excellent Annenberg Space for Photography, as the current exhibition about young upcoming photographers was highly recommended by Spotter & art lover James. And rightly so!

Thanks for the excellent recommendations Amelia, Claudia, Esteban, Francesca, James, Rachel and Simone!

48 hours in Los Angeles is really way too short… but we have to move on to meet more Spotters! Next stop: Chicago!

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