Interview with Louise Täuber (Hamburg Spotter)

Today an interview with Louise Täuber. Spotter for our Hamburg cityblog!

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
I grew up near Hamburg and I’m living in the city for 8 years now. Together with my partner I just founded a small agency for cultural events in hamburg which takes most of my time at the moment. We are realizing our first project right now, which is a temporary magazine store. It is going to start off at the end of October (more soon on

Beside this I spend much time meeting my sister and my nice, meeting my friends, and discovering new stuff in hamburg.

How do yo like being a Spotter?
I love being a spotter because it kind of meets my natural behaviour. I am always out to discover new spaces thus it makes sense to share interesting places. It gives me a more open perception on my environment because every place is suddenly a potential place to be spotted.

What is a must do when you visiting Hamburg?
When I came to Hamburg I would try to experience the diversitiy and the atmosphere of the different districts.
So rather than queing in front of the St. Michaelis Church (which is beautifull and impressive – no question!) I would rent a bike at citybikes (first 30 minutes are for free, then you just rent a new one at the next station) and ride through the different districts.

I would start in elegant Eppendorf, ride via relaxed Eimsbüttel through overstyled Schanzenviertel to St. Pauli, along the harbour and then explore Neustadt, the City, St. Georg and Winterhude.

What not?
I would not visit one of the dozens of musicals that are shown in Hamburg. But this is kind of a personal thing, I just don’t like musicals.

Which prejudices about Hamburg are true?
True: People in Hamburg may sometimes be kind of reserved. If you ask, they will be polite and friendly and help you out. But they won’t usually come up to approach you.

Which ones are not?
Not true: It does NOT always rain in Hamburg. Hamburg does not even belong to Germany’s 15th most-rainy cities (by the way, Munich and Freiburg do!).

Can you describe a perfect day in your city?
If I felt active enough, I would start with a run around the Alster.

But more likely I would start with breakfast at Mimosa. Afterwards, I would go for a walk round harbour and Portugiesen Viertel and then explore some of the nice small shops at Neustadt. Then it could be time for lunch at PP Projects (perfect lunch-dish with delicious soup, main dish and desert). Afterwards I would meet some friends for coffee at Liebes Bisschen or maybe at Don’t tell Mama.

In the evening I’d have an aperitif at Café Panter and would then prepare a delicious dinner at home.
If I am not to tired then I would go out for a drink at Berliner Betrüger or for example go to visit a vernissage at Galerie auf Halb Acht.

Is there something else you want to share?
To pick up the latest tipps for art- or photo-exhibitions, vernissages and such stuff, check:

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