We’re looking for Luxembourg City loving locals!

Luxembourg City (by Cedric Letsch)

In a few months, we will launch a city guide for the beautiful city of Luxembourg, capital of the country of Luxembourg and one of the four official capitals of the European Union!

The country and the city of Luxembourg are small, but they have a long history. A big chunk of the city is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. There are many amazing culinary & cultural adventures to explore, and beautiful nature is just around the corner.

We are very excited that finally we’ll be able to expand to this too-little-visited European capital. And extra excited, because we’ll also be working with the Luxembourg City Tourist Board, to promote the city big time on our network. So you’ll see a lot of this fascinating city on our social media accounts and blogs!

So, we’re looking for Luxembourg city locals!

Right now we’re looking for a team of locals who’d like to help promote their city by writing about their favorite spots in the city. It’s totally up to you what you write about!

Are you a local and are you possibly interested? Apply here!

Do you know a Luxembourg City local? Please direct them to this page (spottedbylocals.com/blog/luxembourg/)!

Have questions? Contact us via luxembourg@spottedbylocals.com!

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