We’re Expanding to Malmö!

Malmö (by Susan Yin)

We think the best way to combat overtourism is getting tourists to visit new destinations. Since 2018 we’ve only expanded to cities that can use extra tourists. More and more, we’re expanding to “second or third cities” in a country.

Turning Toros Malmö (by Pierre Châtel-Innocenti)

We’re super excited to announce that we will be launching a city guide for an amazing city in Sweden: Malmö! It’s a great alternative to the more touristy Copenhagen (just across the bridge!) and Stockholm. It’s a city with amazing modern architecture, a 16th centure castle, beautiful parks and cutting edge museums. But there’s a lot more to Malmö – we’ll show you the “local” side!

We’re looking for Malmö locals! Do you love your city, speak Swedish and would you like to show off your city by writing about your favorite spots and join our amazing community? We’re not looking for professional writers – anybody can become a Spotter! Learn more here and apply :)

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