Interview with Marilena Salamanou (Athens Spotter)

Today an interview with Marilena Salamanou, Spotter for our Athens cityblog.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
The first question is the hardest one! I 28 years old and  I make people travel all over the world (at Salina travel agency I work).  If you asked me what you would be when you grow up the answer is radio producer. My best and most loyal friend all these years is music !

I cannot live without music, but also not without chocolate and without travelling. I love urbal life, urban photography and everything related to Iceland.

I hate milk and unsmily people.

Why Athens?

  • Because it is chaotic, full of 24hr life.
  • Because you can lose yourself at its neighborhood and discover small beautiful places.
  • For its unexpected spots.
  • Because of its hills where you can climb and enjoy a panoramic view.
  • Because there are lot of events every day.
  • Because there is always a great buzz.
  • For its archaeological sites and  its new architecture .

Some must-do’s:

  • A cultural walk. That means to find a beautiful, not touristic place, where you can listen to “Rebetika” music.
  • To attend performance of Karagiozis (the hero of “shadows’ theater ) .
  • To enjoy a double greek cafe at a “Kafeneio”

What shouldn’t a visitor to Athens do?
Do not go during evening / night to the neigborhood close to Plateia Theatrou (Theatre square) .

Do not go to touristical restaurants – find the local ones ! They are expensive and with bad quality food.

What do you know about Athens what no tourist will know?
I know about its great coast line .That no tourists visit because they believe it is far or they do not find it interesting. If you have time to spend just take the tram and visit the area close to Floisvos .Buy an icecream and enjoy a walk next to the waves.

What is the most popular neighborhood to live in Athens at this moment?
I guess it is Petralona (but please let is keep ot secret!) .It is a great combination.As it is downtown (only 5 minutes by train from Monastiraki train station) but it is still quiet.

It has kept the characteristics of living in a neighborhood. That means that you can still buy fruits from market, bread from bakery, candies from the patisserie and get to know the people that work there! It is like living in a small village in the center of the city.

What you can do in Petralona?
A lot of things!
You can go for walks under the sun at Philopappou hill that it is close by .
You can walk around “Dexameni ”
You can watch a movie at its open air cinema Zefyros (with great strawerry granita !)
You can find some of the best restauarants all over the city .With great food and cozy atmosphere. (check Sanmtorinis that Margarita wrote about!)

Can you describe a perfect day in your city?
A perfect day means no work ! So I will have time for walking under the sun ( I prefer urban trips during the day instead of during the night!) .

I guess my day would start at Glykis – my friends and I would enjoy a conversation and some beers! After that I would like to walk at Plaka area that ends up over the hill at Anafiotika neighborhood. Where suddenly everything would be quiet and really beautiful.

After being in a quiet neighborhood I would finish the at the buzzing streets around Varvakeio area. Taking photos of colourful vegetables and fruits, buying exotic products from its multi culti mini markets.

This perfect walk would end with a glass of cold Ouzo (and some olives with it!)

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