Interview with Mayra Lemos (Copenhagen Spotter)

Today an interview with Mayra Lemos, Spotter for our Copenhagen cityblog!

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
I am a Brazilian girl that loves to travel, learn new languages and experience new culture! I have been living abroad for almost 11 years and became a “love expat” in Copenhagen, Denmark, nearly 3 year ago.

I absolutely love this country and all its ups and downs (the snow and the wind, the intense light in the summer, the beautiful parks, the flatness of the streets, and the politeness of the Danes, just to name a few).

How do you like being a Spotter?
I love being a Spotter! It has changed the way of looking into my favorites places in the city. I now have a “Spotter eye” to every place I visit and I like that!

I write notes, I try to get more information about every Spot I got to, and I ask my friends to share their Spot stories with me… I guess it has to do with the fact that I am a journalist and I have that natural curiosity. But at the end of the day, I think I’ve become what a Spotter really is: a true observer of my city!

Why Copenhagen?
Copenhagen is one of my favorite cities in the world! It has everything you need and want. Perfect size, trendy places, design, modernism, classical architecture, beautiful people, seasonal things to do, parks, cafes, amazing restaurants, towers, colors, lots of history, I could go on and on… I came for love and one of the reasons I am staying is love for the city! :-)

If the weather lets you, a must do when visiting Copenhagen is renting a bike and getting lost around town. Find out the main rules of biking in Copenhagen and enjoy your day. Don’t forget to stop at one of the parks, buy some beers (or anything you like) and relax!

Anything you do in Copenhagen is worth it, for me, there’s no what not to do! Anything will be an experience, is just a matter of enjoying what’s in front of you!

What is the most popular neighborhood to live in Copenhagen at this moment?
There are many trendy areas to live in Copenhagen, and some of them will always be popular, like Christianshavn (area where Christiania is located) or even around the lakes in the inner city. But I would say that right now people are talking a lot about living in Islands Brygge (I wish I could live there!).

The area is great, especially if you live close to the waterfront park, Havneparken. In the summer, you will be lucky to find a spot in the grass area along the water! Is fashionable to live in this neighborhood, with its old buildings mixing it up with new and modern ones! Not to mention the great bars and cafes around. Islands Brygge is definitely very cool!

Can you describe a perfect day in your city?
A perfect day in Copenhagen for me is in a summer day; of course:-)

I start the day with a delicious brunch in one of my favorite cafes, Bjørg’s, in the heart of the city.

From there I would stroll around the shopping street, Strøget, looking for the latest in fashion. After the deserved shopping, I would walk all the way to Nyhavn and grab a cold beer, sitting by the water.

Right after, walk a bit back to Kongens haven, sit down in the sun and relax with friends. I could perhaps watch a movie at Cinemateket, right in front of the park, if time lets me.

And to end this perfect day, I would go for dinner at BioM, not far from the park. Uau, what a great day!

Is there something else you want to share?
I would like to tell everybody to come and experience Scandinavia. It’s an amazing place and Copenhagen should be put in one of the top touristic places of the world! All my friends know that and they have been changing their tours to come here!

It’s like a friend once said, when visiting the city: “Copenhagen is like a fairy tale”. I completely agree with her, it is like a fairy tale and much more! Come and visit, you will not regret it!

By the way, my friend has been back twice and is planning another visit in the summer:-)

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