Meeting our Belgrade Spotters!

Spotted By Locals
October 31, 2011
2 min read

Last week we (Bart & Sanne van Poll) visited Belgrade to meet our Spotters again and to experience some of their Spots.

After a delayed flight we were just on time to meet our Spotters in cafe Centrale where we had a very nice and interesting meeting. We not only got to know our Spotters a bit more, we also learned a lot about Belgrade, the country and its traditions.

Luckily we also had some time to experience many of the Spotted Spots and to enjoy this amazing city.

Great views from Belgrade’s Kalemegdan park…

And very good food!

Of course we only ordered dishes suggested by our Spotters (above: Bart trying Čika Đura – the dish Michael recommends to take at Orašac restaurant). Even the waiters were sometimes surprised how we did know about a dish. Although most suggested dished were quite heavy on the stomach (a lot of meat, cheese and bacon) we liked it a lot!


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