Meeting our Bucharest, Helsinki and Istanbul Spotters

In the last weeks, we made some very fun trips to three of our cities, to meet our Spotters and to test out our new iPhone apps.

In the first city we visited on our “mini-tour”, 24 hours awake Bucharest, we experienced the great nightlife (it’s like it’s weekend every night there…), and  visited so many Spotted by Locals spots on one day, our fully charged iPhone battery was dead before our day was finished. Probably this is mostly due to the fact Sanne’s iPhone is more than 2 years old now… Using the Bucharest iPhone cityguide was a great way of getting around and finding spots even in the small streets of Bucharest was easy!

We met our Bucharest Spotters in the Shift pub, a very nice pub we visited 3 times during our stay. Pictured above, from left to right: Matilda, Raluca, Alina (from the back), Bart and Alex (from the back).

In Helsinki one weekend later we were not so lucky with the weather. But what a beautiful city, full of nice architecture, design and amazing seaviews! We walked around in most of the diverse neighborhoods, enjoyed a great festival, many good coffees and Finnish beers, and  I even had fun shopping, something I normally hate…

The highlight in Helsinki was of course meeting our Spotters at Sunday morning (picture above, with from left to right:  Jason, Nea, Lilu, Terhi and Sanne). We had a cosy meeting in Cafe Carusel, where Lilu offered everybody a nice surprise by buying us all a bottle of sparkling wine to toast on the launch of the Spotted by Locals Helsinki, and start the Sunday “the Finnish way”!

The last city we visited was Istanbul. First of all (first things first!) to celebrate being married for 5 years (Sanne and myself, the co-Founders), and of course to meet our Istanbul-loving Spotters. We had a great time in Kargart bar (pictured above, from left to right:
Tugba, Seda, Sebahat and Sanne) and Arka Oda (where we met Zekeriya later) – a hidden bar without a sign on its door we’d never have noticed without using our Spotted by Locals app…

There is so much to see and do in Istanbul, 5 days was really not enough… To make matters even worse, our Spotters gave us even more tips for spots we just had to visit. Guess we’ll have to come back again…

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