Meeting our Spotters in Chișinău

Lacul Valea Morilor Chisinau park

This week we visited “our” newest city Chișinău, and we had a splendid time meeting our Spotters and walking around like crazy with the Chișinău app trying to see as many spots as possible (we saw 60%)…

Few people visit Moldova and its capital Chișinău, and we have not been able to find any reason why this is… It’s a beautiful city, with a long history, amazing old buildings, one of the greenest cities in Europe (and planning to get even greener) with beautiful parks.

Stephen the Great park Chisinau

Need more reasons? The Moldovians are super friendly, the food is awesome, the city is very safe and you will spend very little if you stick to going local… Quite a few budget airlines fly there (starting spring again) and there are very good direct train connections from Bucharest, Minsk, Odessa and Moscow.

The love for their city shows in all the articles our Spotters Cristian, Igor, Mihaela, Nata and Nicoleta have written. Spotted by Locals Chișinău is currently the only always up-to-date city guide to the capital and has received some nice publicity in the local press already.

Central Market Chisinau

Abandoned circus Chisinau

We are very proud of our Chișinău team and happy to have met most of them in their city (Nata & Cristian were unfortunately traveling). We hope their great work gets many people to travel to this wonderful city.

On your next city trip why not travel to Chișinău instead of that city that has plenty of tourists already? Help us combat overtourism and give your tourist dollars to local entrepreneurs who can use them…

Spotters meeting

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